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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Prithvi says that they both can never become husband and wife, the robber says that Prithvi is wrong and they both will surely get married, the partner ties them both he apologizes to Karan promising that he will help him in return for a photo.

Their boss asks them to come and discuss something important, he shows Preeta that his and are free. They both o-pen everyone and just when they are about tio escape, the robbers tops them, Karan gets into a fight with them and the quarrel starts. Everyone is fighting, Shrishti Rishab and Samer also join everyone else and starts beating the robbers.

Prithvi is just standing looking from the side, thinking that he will not help and will run, Shrishti takes a gun and shoots, everyone turns and sees her, she cracks a joke and falls, Sameer catches
her, she tanks him . the leader taking the opportunity points his gun towards Karan, Sameer also points the gun but it has no bullets, the robbers again take them hostage, he then takes Preeta as a shield, Karan gets angry and ask him to leave her, the robber resists and says that he will take her because she is the diamond of everyone’s eyes, they must not threaten them anymore otherwise Preeta will; die.

They are about to take Preeta away, Karan stops them and hits the leader they all run away, leaving the rest behind. The robber’s gang also goes after them.

Prithvi hides in a store, Janki is running and sees him hiding, he after hiding prays to god to protect him from the robbers and if he is saved then he will never do anything wrong.

Janki also enters the  same store she sees someone standing, when she looks for who it is , it is Prithvi, she points a knife at him and makes him come out, he ask her to leave, she says that she will make hi m realize what he did was wrong, he is left amazed to see her standing, she says that she e will tell everyone the truth, she is the only one who knows everything about him, she will tell everyone including Karan, Rishab and Preeta about him and will do what she was not able to do the last time.

She says that she will tell Preeta that he is about to become the father of Sherlin’s child, and will tell Sherlin that he loves Preeta.

Prithvi starts to beg apologizing to her so that his demands could be met, she pays no heed to what he is saying, she adds that he was not able to do what he planned and that is to kill her so that she would die, she will now tell everyone what he was trying to do to Karan with Manisha help and also that he wanted to destroys Preeta life, she says that she will not let him marry Preeta and will measure that she only marries Karan because they are meant for each other.

Prithvi threatens her to stop talking otherwise he will do the same, she says that she has just started talking and will now just tell everyone, if she had to die then she would be dead but now she will make him realize what is wrong and right, Janki leaves and Prithvi follows her, just then the robbers come, she pledges them to take her to where everyone is,

Preeta is walking and falls, both Karan and Rishab try to make her stand, she thanks Rishab, Karan gets jealous, she say that he also tried to help, Sarla say that she is worried regarding Janki, Shrishti suggests that they can better find her if they go separate ways, Preeta disagrees because she says that they are better united as the robbers are everywhere.

The robbers bring Janki to the shop, she is left amazed as there is none there, she ask them where the rest of the people are, the robber’s say that she herself wanted them to take her hostage. Prithvi is thinking that god must give Janki a heart attack as she has seen a lot of the world and must now die.

Janki is thinking that after so many days she will finally talk with everyone, Prithvi is thinking that Janki will say the truth and before that happens he will kill her before the police arrives because then they would be free from the trouble.The robbers get paranoid, he say shat he will kill Janki if the operon does not come wo hit her, the robber starts to count and sys that when it reaches 10 he will shoot, Prithvi gets scared, wondering  if anyone comes he will die. Everyone is at the stairs and wondering who he lady is, they all plan to go first to the shop as the lady will be some family member. A second group is again taken hostage, but it is not the family which Janki wants.

The robber asks if she wants to die in front of a celebrity, she says that she will die when Karan is here, the robbers says that he ran with his entire family, Prithvi thinks that it is the right thing as he will now be safe.

The robber catches everyone and then takes the to the shop, robber again starts the count, Prithvi thinks of running
so that he can be flee from the place where everyone as otherwise he will die, they bring Sherlin and ask her where the Luthras are ass otherwise they will kill her, Janki stops them and seeing it I s Sherlin remembers what she did to her. Sherlin asks them to not kill her and kill Janki as she is the aunt of the Luthras, robbers get mad at knowing this story and decide to kill her. Just then his phone rings and when he picks it, on the other end is the police inspector who warns him that he will now kill the robber because he has always killed any robber who he encounters, robber also threatens the police who is not impressed and again yells at him.

The robber says that he has Karan Luthra as his hostage, the inspector doesn’t believe  in anything which the robber says, he says that he will believe when he sees a photo, the robber when turns is not able to find Janki and gets very mad ordering his men to find her.

Prithvi hides in a store and is very worried saying that when he goes to any entrance he is stopped by the guards of the robber, there is a knock and he thinks that it cannot be the thieves because if he goes in front of the robbers Janki will recognize him and he will die or be killed by his enemies who are always after him.

He sees some sarees and thinks of a plan, he runs after them and decides to wear one thinking of what he has to do to keep fighting with his enemies that are all near him.

Manisha is in her room when Rithwik comes saying that he has to tell her something important,. She does not understand anything and asks him what he really means, he asks her if she loves him and will do what he wants, he says Rishab brother, she gets shocked at this, he says that he can because he is doing a lot for Rithwik, the deal which he made was true so he has decided that he will tell him the truth.

Prithvi thinks of what he has to do to be safe from his enemies, Janki is running and being followed, se hides in the shop , the robbers are not able to find them and return, she does not recognize Prithvi who is behind him, there is a sound, the robbers come back and take her hostage again. He warns her to not do anything clever again, Prithvi thinks that this means she has not met with Karan and everyone else, this means that they have not taken them hostage, he is really thankful

Sherlin is thinking that the robbers are very mad and will do anything, she calls the robbers and says that she doesn’t want to die because she is pregnant and has to take care of her as it will affect her child, the robbers bring the Luthras as their hostage back to the shop. Sherlin gets very scared.
The robbers greet the Luthras saying that they are the ones who will make their getaway a lot easier, he then orders one of his partners to take their phot to make the police realize that they are not bluffing. The robber is taking the photograph and everyone is nervous, the inspector seeing the photograph asks his subordinate to call the commissioner.

Prithvi is thinking that the robber must kill Janki as soon as possible, he says to his partner to tell their leader that they have found the old lady and are bringing her to the announcement hall. Prithvi gets out and thinks that the robbers will kill Janki for him and he will himself kill Rithwik.

Manisha asks Rithwik to calm down and not feel so bad, he says that he cannot trust Prithvi anymore and he will do anything for Rishab,
she says that he must have doesn’t his to know who is behind all of this and will try to know of Prithvi, he says that he will do whatever he ca to help them get to know of the mastermind, he is also CLICK TO CONTINUE READING

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