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Saturday, 11 May 2019

OOOBTC is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform. The site displays all the mainstream and existing capacities for now. These are spot trading, futures  trading, countertrade, ordinary decentralized exchange, upheld by the main and considerably more. The platform will fulfill the requirements of numerous investors and has a strong security mechanism and a hearty fundamental architecture.

What's more, this unique creative platform model will effortlessly contend with some outstanding exchanges and successfully give high liquidity.


1 Security. The platform utilizes propelled encryption advances, cold stockpiling frameworks, 2-factor verification, and various other security techniques. Security is the most significant part of business practice.

2 Pool Trading. This is an integration with an extensive budgetary business, which will add to getting high trading volumes and making generous benefits.

3 High execution. Platform can bolster huge parallel registering and make the preparing pace of transactions around one million tasks for every second.

4 Community Trading.
It is conceivable to give clients a platform where they can transfer their shrewd contract.

5 Coin Suggestions. Clients can submit new and existing cryptographic forms of money for thought and if the computerized resource is bolstered, after the examination it very well may be set available to be purchased.

6 Ability to utilize credit/charge cards VISA, Mastercard so as to buy cryptocurrency for FIAT. What's more, on the exchange at the sale will be available trading sets including Fiat. For example, USD/BTC


Computer aided design/ETH


7 Professionalism. In light of exact and dependable technology,

Made a trading terminal prepared to give solid and amazing administrations that encourage and make trading helpful for any client. Likewise, OOOBTC is listed on the coinmarketcap with a trading volume of more than 26,000 Btc.

8 Multilingual support. OOOBTC bolsters English, Russian, Filipino, Chinese,

Japanese and Korean. Different dialects ??will be included later as well.

Taking everything into account, I might want to state that the OOOBTC project can acquire benefit to its investors.


OOOBTC Charity Foundation (OCF) is a devoted non-profit organization for  philanthropic advancement that initiated the blockchain towards accomplishment worldwide reasonable advancement. OCF means to change generosity by building up the world's previously decentralized charitable establishment to assemble the future where blockchain technology can be utilized to end all types of destitution and imbalance, progressing feasible advancement and guaranteeing there is nothing deserted, OOOBTC will donate 10% of it to get revenge on OCF.

One of the principle benefits given by blockchain technology is straightforwardness, which is likewise one of the greatest difficulties looked by the present philanthropy. "Donors don't have perceivability to where their assets go, and most donations not getting to the beneficiaries it was intended to

Absence of straightforwardness causes an absence of trust, further lessening readiness to add to philanthropy assets when all is said in done, we will join forces with charitable organizations around the globe and contact those in need money related support for human services, education, water, shelter and good care.

OOOBTC Ecosystem

The OOBTC Ecosystem includes;
• The OOBTC Exchange Platform
• The OOOBTC Exchange Token (OBX)
• The OOOBTC Fiat and Debit Card
• The OOOBTC Gaming Platform
• The OOOBTC Charity Foundation

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