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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Harmony one is a blockchain protocol or systems that wants to accomplish highest-speed and least expensive transactions between parties associated with the ecosystem. At the end of the day, it means to give an increasingly powerful blockchain biological system (first layer) which will influence Harmony to contend straightforwardly with Ethereum, Zilliqa, EOS, Tron or other first layer blockchain project.


It's difficult to see how Harmony contends without understanding their tech a tad. So we need to get a look on how they'd carry out their responsibility. As continually, understanding it straightforwardly from their tech paper should give you better knowledge, however here's the resume of their tech dependent on my comprehension of the tech paper:

Sharding with state sharding (or called deepsharding here). Harmony will execute sharding up to state sharding, which shards the blockchain state, along these lines, improve the speed of synchronization, etc.

FBFT accord calculation and PoS at its establishment.

Low-latency blocks propagation utilizing RaptorQ establishment code and Kademlia steering to improve connection inactivity and parallelize transaction preparing which can scale logarithmically with the quantity of dynamic shards on the network.

So here's the essence: Harmony one will utilize sharding to scale the network. It utilizes the FBFT agreement calculation which fundamentally an improvement over PBFT. So as to diminish inertness and in this way improve the speed of transactions, they'll use Kademlia directing and RaptorQ establishment code. Contrasted with other PoW or PoS environment, it should be a less expensive and quicker network, with pretty much a similar security to diminish the presence of malicious actor or validator in the network.


In late 2018 and mid 2019, there are a great deal ofprojects  which intends to give another ecosystem to decentralized applications that is quicker and less expensive than Ethereum. Some of them incorporate Zilliqa, Kardia Chain, Harmony, Lighstreams, Solana, Jura, X-Block, etc. A large portion of them are still in the advancement arrange, so looking at them is somewhat hard as there are no unmistakable markers of genuine network performance. Be that as it may, we can even now look at different things.

As a matter of first importance, we should contrast Harmony and a few existing ecosystems which is now dynamic (on mainnet). Who are they? Ethereum and Zilliqa. Unmistakably Harmony intends to tackle the issue of Ethereum, which is obviously demonstrated on their tech proposition. Ethereum doesn't utilize any sharding (yet) and they have constrained TPS as of now. Zilliqa then again simply completed their bootstrapping stage and is currently hoping to enter full mainnet. In any case, they're as yet youthful and it needs progressively genuine network execution to demonstrate how solid their network will be. Harmony ought to have the option to contend with Zilliqa, particularly with their state sharding proposition which is professed to give preferable scaling arrangement over utilizing transaction and network sharding as it were.

So what about different projects that are still on financing or early improvement stage, for example, Kardia, etc? The vast majority of despite everything them don't offer any genuine utilization yet. So the challenge is basically open. It will rely upon which venture can convey the highest versatility and furthermore what number of them can gain clients/dapps over their platform. So I for one don't perceive any issue that limits Harmony from contending with their current or future competitor This is essentially still an open space (

Who Should Use Harmony One?
In light of the thought, at that point anybody or anything which requires high-throughput, trustless approval and adaptable blockchain infrastructure should try this. For instance, a web based business platform can utilize this. Rather than depending on a centralized database to store user data, for example, transaction, they can utilize Harmony as the foundation to store the data of user  and in the meantime use it as their payment channel. It would help them spares their operational expense.

Gaming dapps, where you need quick network and high throughput can likewise utilize Harmony to enable their ecosystem. Any transactions (in-diversion transactions, installment, and so on) ought to be straightforward and get handled rapidly. The production network industry can likewise utilize Harmony ecosystem as its backbone to follow conveyance on-chain. No compelling reason to burn through a large number of dollars to construct your very own database to follow the conveyance which is inclined to corruption.


Harmony is a high-level blockchain foundation with low-latency , low-fee consensus platform that uses deepsharding to control decentralized economies of things to come. Harmony is a solid project I recommend for everybody.

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