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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Gemstra is a decentralized blockchain-integrated platfrom which liberates today’s social selling economy, with the goal of building a technological protocol for social selling that opens the industry to everyone in retail. The mission is to make social selling accessible and awesome for everyone. The Gemstra ecosystem will establish a commonwealth for social selling by providing a technology that fairly distributes power to the appropriate actors of the model.
The art of using social networks as a way to locate and directly interact with prospects and customers is what we know as social selling.

The social selling process is dominated by few major players and these players make it difficult for new merchants to join thus creating the entry barrier. Sellers also do not get the deserved profit for their hard work from such merchants. Sellers also face problems while changing the merchants or brands as the community formed by such sellers is lost once they switch to other brand.

Gemstra established “BOUTIQUES” in July 2017 which provided solution to the sellers to the choose the brands and products of their preference. Around 3000 sellers and 8 brands adopted this platform. This provided an insight to further develop the solution provided by BOUTIQUES and thus develop GEMSTRA. The platform ASTRA which is based on blockchain technology enables the seller to keep the information of customers and network data and brands and merchants can interact with each other. This platform allows brands to integrate their catalogue with multiple merchants over the platform.
GMS tokens will be used on the ASTRA platform to carry out the transactions and it will also be used for rewarding the users.

Gemstra will perform on ASTRA platform, a technological infrastructure used by retailers and brands as an approach to integrate with and construct a social selling channel; it's regularly observed as the solution to democratize the model to promote equity between sellers, retailers, and brands.
With the utilization of the ASTRA platform, it would solve captivity issues; it frees social selling by leveraging the blockchain to store data, handling each action required with transactions, and decentralizing its control.
By utilizing ASTRA, any retailer and brand will have the capacity to take an interest in social selling and pick up profits by the entirety of their easy to use protocols.
With the utilization of ASTRA and their GMS Token, it would be the first time when that someone connects retail brands and social selling, enabling sellers to represent any variety of brands and let those retail brands to develop in their respective business industry effectively.

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