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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

In the present focused world everybody needs to wind up fruitful. There is a quote which says "As opposed to concentrating on the challenge, focus on the". That is the reason each business center around users. Users information is the most profitable asset for organizations, organizations or ventures. By knowing clients likings, their preferences, their necessities and by their inclinations, organizations will make products as per it. Which at last drives more deals and expands the revenue.

Today every business center around gathering as much as client's information. Be that as it may, today it turns out to be especially troublesome and costly to assemble clients information. That is the reason organizations are finding better approaches to gather the information yet at the same time non of them are immaculate and have numerous issues.

However at this point on account of aQuest platform which is resolved to give ideal solution by which clients can cheerfully share their own information and get rewards for it.


The fundamental point of the aQuest venture is to make a decentralized platform which gives chance to organizations and entrepreneurs to make advertising campaigns, which rewards clients for finishing certain undertakings. Accordingly organizations can gather clients information through these campaigns.

Principle of Operation

aQuest is a decentralized application which gives chance to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to make inventive showcasing campaigns which comprises of basic, endless supply of these undertakings clients get remunerated. This strategy enable organizations to promote their brands or products and furthermore to gather clients important information.

The aQuest application has basic and natural easy to use interface with which entrepreneurs of any sector can make proficient promoting campaigns and lift their business. Some business zones include:

• affiliate marketing;

• pharmaceutical sector;

• internet shopping;

• retail business;

• blockchain and ICO advertisers;

• budgetary sectors;

The promoting effort contains straightforward and imaginative errands. After finishing these missions clients will be remunerated with aQuest platform tokens. A portion of the imperative assignments are given beneath:

• finishing a basic review;

• enjoying, remarking, reposting or making a straightforward post in Facebook, Twitter and so on;

• viewing a video and buying in to the YouTube channel;

• joining the telegram group and giving ERC20 address to airdrops;

• introducing applications, rating on application store;

• visiting websites and so forth;

The aQuest application gives imaginative cloud based devices which encourages entrepreneurs to effectively make straightforward missions. It is significant point that these apparatuses can be effectively available on any gadgets. Accordingly creators can deal with their missions from anyplace. All the made journeys are incorporated with Enkronos application system which constructs explicit group of onlookers base. Alongside this distinctive brand proprietors can likewise draw in with one another to increment and improve the client base. Along these lines organizations can make their brands popular.

A portion of the benefits of aQuest platform are:

• it furnishes abnormal state of security with Enkronos application stack and smart contracts;

• anybody can join aQuest platform and gain rewards, there is no KYC required;

• the aQuest platform is accessible on mobile gadgets which makes it simple to utilize;

• creators can build their user base;

• users will get compensates in tokens;

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