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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

KABN launched its flagship product in December 2018, a bank-grade, Always On, identity verification and validation consistence solution with international support. KABN has made a "B2B2C" system and patent-pending technology enabling customers and consumers to take actions, as management would see it that once in the past required complex and tedious attestation, and rather influence turn-key Smart Contract libraries.

KABN ID is allowed to utilize administration for consumers and gives continuous monitoring and evidence of character online and in conventional marketplaces. KABN gives start to finish client confronting applications at, what the executives contends, is a lower value point than traditional backend specialist organizations. Customers who use KABN evacuate the cerebral pain of structure their very own application and accelerate the consistence procedure for members definitely known to the KABN network.

Prior to the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the world economy had been controlled by physical money. Individuals run about with what could be compared to the items they expect to buy and the administrations they mean to utilize. This traditional strategy for transaction and installment is clearly moderate and hazardous. With enhancements in technology, there have been KABN platforms that came in to take care of this issue. It was found that the traditional financial system could have been the most limited course to execute the change however tragically, its techniques are very moderate and specialized.


KABN is the first  decentralized worldwide platform for the option financial industry. It is a completely operational worldwide platform that enables speculators around the globe to get to elective class resources in a straightforward and secure way.

KABN as of now has a worldwide nearness and utilizations its administrations from more than various nations. Given the worldwide representation, the group endeavors to make platform solutions that utilization cutting edge innovations.

The appropriated library, can change a multi-million dollar industry into a straightforward, secure and abnormal state of trust at an extraordinary dimension industry. In addition, the introduction of blockchain technology into the option financial industry will have a lot more extensive implications and openings:

Consistent cross-outskirt financial venture openings.

Following documentation to acquire confirmation from all persons associated with the procedure and login.

Additional benefit classes are effectively disseminated over the vertical of financial specialists.

Likewise, Cryptocurrency trade will be made at the most positive rates. The interface of the application KABN App will be simple and reasonable for progressively convenient use. The function of auspicious notification of costs, receipt of buys, just as an uncommon spending the board function. The capacity to move money in various monetary standards in various nations of the world for less charge. Client identification in the network will be conceivable through face checks. When you pay for the products with the KABN VISA card, you get the most beneficial interbank rate with no extra charges and commissions.


The KABN card has all the essential security features, including blocking/unblocking the card, setting up geographic security, online shopping, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. One of the imperative functions of the KABN VISA Card is SECURITY, which is responsible for blocking and opening the card, deciding its location, making online buys and numerous different functions. KABN KASH, a hearty reliability and commitment program and the network grapple, KABN ID, a patent pending, Always On, GDPR agreeable, blockchain and biometrically based, personality verification and validation platform.

KABN is a platform that begins from the blockchain cryptocurrency technology and intends to take out middle people in the financial and legitimate fields. Clients of this platform set up solid relationships with their counterparties, in this way guaranteeing powerful interaction and settled business communication. The fundamental unmistakable component is that KABN clients conclude keen contracts, along these lines guaranteeing the satisfaction of relegated obligations and robotizing the way toward performing numerous business forms.

For more information

Token KABN
Price 1 KABN = 0.2 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Country Gibraltar
Whitelist/KYC KYC

Bounty0x Username: chacha100

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