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Sunday, 24 March 2019

Javvy is a protected, comprehensive crypto wallet with in built decentralized crypto exchange aggregator solution (not online) that will bolster every single anticipated activity for all major cryptocurrencies and tokens. Javvy will acquire income from the dependable strategy for fees on purchase/sell transactions, conversion fees, KYC/AML/Accreditation verification services, international debit card fees, and trader settlement fees.

Javvy is intending to improve their exchange by building a simple, instinctive, feature-rich and completely practical cryptocurrency wallet. The Javvy team has the specific skill and experience required to create the perfect crypto wallet for everybody.


· Currently buying or selling cryptocurrency is difficult: It isn't a simple task to locate a solid exchange to purchase cryptocurrency. It is tedious, baffling and a complex task. Against Money Laundering and Know Your Costumer laws make registering to an exchange makes itextremely hard. This challenge speaks to a barrier for more extensive adoption of cryptocurrencies.

· Crypto wallets exist are in it's earliest stages: Most of the users discover current cryptocurrency wallets basic, limited in functionality. In spite of the fact that they are the key apparatuses to get to, purchase, sell and manage with the cryptocurrencies, current crypto wallets don't have features to empower users to completely use their cryptocurrencies.

· Wallets for altcoins are constrained: There are small number of wallets committed for different cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin. These wallets are not kept up well and completely functional all the time.


The solution offered by Javvy is being built up onto a regulative agreeable structure. The solution comprises of blend of a multi-feature wallet and a distributed, completely automatic, cross exchange.

· Provides appropriate purchase and sell alternatives inside the wallet even with FIAT money

· Initially Bitcoin, Ethereum and Javvy token will be supported yet subsequent to financing top 500 tokens and 50+ vetted tokens will be listed.

· Support numerous payment methods such as, prepaid debit card, eCheck or bank transfer

· There are multi-layer and advanced security alternatives actualized, for example, hardware wallet support, implementing complex passwords, 2FA on both mobile and desktop versions, different private key backup choices

· Provides swapping cryptocurrencies and a FIAT gateway

· In request to utilize essential features like, sending, receiving, exchanging or managing cryptocurrencies. Whitelisting and ID verification is expected to activate advanced features

Being a regulative first approach conveys an extraordinary favorable position to the project. Being a SEC compliant opens colossal open door ways to the ICO since there is no confinement to US residents to be accredited investors. Considering the biggest cryptocurrency populace live in US, one could without much of a stretch comprehend the likelihood of the accomplishment of the ICO.


JVY is an Utility token and holders will make such great benefit from it.

JVY is utilized for transactions fees with a discount of 50%. This invariably gives the token much demand. JVY can likewise be utilized as Staking for a timeframe with a fixed percentage rate given to the Staker after the time slips by.

Half of token supply is held for the Loyalty program which is paid to users paying fees inside the Javvy wallet and exchange.

Total Supply - 333,333,333

Soft Cap - 1,000 Eth

Hard Cap - $8mm

Price of JVY - 0.0004Eth

Tokens on Offer - 100,000,000 JVY.

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Bounty0x Username: chacha100

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