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HYPNOXYS : A Backed Protocol To Decentralize The Chatting Industry

Thursday, 14 March 2019

The innovative advancements in the course of recent decades has conveyed us to a point where we can truly associate with individuals progressively without physical contact. Be that as it may, similar to each other innovation before this, it isn't without it's own drawback. Communication through informal organizations empowers us to share messages, visual and even sound documents in an apparently secure way. Be that as it may, do we really think our data is as secure as it appears?. Unfortunately, the appropriate response is "No". All the social network as of now accessible for use have escape clauses which have regularly been misused by programmers which could have accursing ramification for the client. Another issue comes in type of the selfish management organizations who can regularly adapt your data and the details created by selling to third parties.
On the off chance that there is a major point that can be deduced from the past section, the reality "Insecurity of data" happens to be a major worry of individuals who make utilization of chatting applications and internet based life by and large. In any case, a major uplifting news for us now is that Man has not resigned in the chase for flawlessness and I trust that I have gone over a project that could move us into a cutting edge talking industry.
Hypnoxys is a multifunctional decentralized messenger which has it's design dependent on P2P communication, distributed data storage in IPFS and start to finish encryption. The group behind the platform is centered around decentralization of data, classification and opposition it to attacks.
The Hypnoxys protocol offers it's users various fascinating features which are;
Payment for utilizing the application: The Hypnoxys protocol offers users the chance to procure while utilizing the application as long as you can stand to stake 5 million HYPX tokens which is the neighborhood token inside the Hypnoxys ecosystem. You will at that point consequently win in the event that you choose to see ads and dependent on the time allotment spent on the application.
P2P and end to end encypted chats: All chats on the platform go specifically from the sender to the beneficiary without the cooperation of servers. By structure the Hypnoxys platform on the Ethereum blockchain, any possibility of client correspondence being caught is disposed of.
Getting a charge out of the best of blockchain technology without worrying about the essentials: The Hypnoxys platform influences on blockchain technology to offer you the most ideal talking application without expecting you to have any earlier learning of blockchain technology.
The HYPNOXY Platform guarantees the users are anonymous when chatting. This verifies the data of the users while giving them the best experience. The HYPNOXY application doesn't consume data nor telephone space, and furthermore spares battery.
The application when downloaded gives the alternative of either needing to see ads or not. Users who choose the previous will be paid for it.
This is the native token of the Platform and will be utilized for payments. This is principally what will be utilized to pay users that have picked to see ads. The HPYX token is as of now listed on exchanges which give users a simple method to exchange their tokens for another.
Individual and group text chats
Chats and public groups
Audio calls
Video calls
HYPX transfers between users
The accelerator of ads revenue
If you want to learn more about Hypnoxys, you can visit any of the links listed below;
Official Website:
ANN Thread:
Android App:
Written By: chacha1000
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