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Sunday, 24 March 2019

Honeypod is a smart hardware object that is somewhat little; which interfaces straightforwardly into your internet router with the expectation of catching undesirable data, demands and contents from entering the connection of your internet device. Honeypod is a privacy arranged device that associates with your router to evacuate undesirable adverts and tracking systems from your whole home network while likewise compensating you for perusing the web. More or less, Honeypod gives you complete online privacy, a quicker internet speed, and rewards you for perusing the web.


Averagely, everybody on the planet uses the internet, either to surf on social media platforms *facebook, twitter e.t.c), or to chat on content platform (whatsapp, hangouts e.t.c), or presumably just to use web search tools (Google, YouTube, bing e.t.c); and we as a whole offer our data online accidentally because there are concealed tracking mechanisms on nearly on WebPages in type of cookies. Subtleties shared unwittingly by us is our area, time, date, our computer information and furthermore the affiliation we keep; to take care of this issue is the reason Honeypod project is decentralizing making for the world an electronic hardware, that will be associated with our internet router and fix all trackers; in this way making us anonymous.


Honeypod was made to end each outsider intrusion into our privacy at the most abnormal amounts, and it does that by connecting with our internet router and keeps running at DNS level and guarantees that each advert, trackers, viruses, malwares and undesirable data demands are altogether sifted by data association is on. These are done through blockchain innovation using BYZANTINE FAULT TOLERANCE ALGORITHM; which makes honeypod to confirm and furthermore approve the security of datas coming all through your internet association just as making a safe technique for your online payments.

Fundamentally, this is more than revolutional because the working product is here for us to see, purchase and use, and the operational  features of honeypod are:

Crypto currency earning: With Honeypod, you get the chance to get crypto currency tokens in a way like mining; i.e you procure contingent upon your utilization of Honeypod.

Ad and Tracker blocking: Honeypod prevents your information from been shared, which protects you consistently.

Quicker Internet Speed: Honeypod clears all type of adverts, trackers, viruses, malwares and undesirable data demands which at that point speeds up your internet transfer speed enormously.

VPN Integration: Honeypod lets you totally shroud the anonymity of your privacy dependably, on the off chance that you demand for such administration.

The honeypod device is anything but difficult to set up for use.


Token - HNY
Type - Utility
Pre ICO Price - 1 HNY = 0.0375 USD
Price - 1 HNY = 0.05 USD
MVP/Prototype - Available
Platform - Stellar
Accepting - BTC, ETH, XLM
Minimum investment - 1,500 USD
Soft cap - 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap - 10,000,000 USD
Country - USA
White list/KYC - KYC
Restricted areas - North Korea, Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen

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