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Sunday, 3 February 2019

XCOYNZ has accompanied an ideal concept for what exchange should be.

Clearly this trading project isn't the first to emerge in the realm of crypto-market. Those current project have their own very constraints, the majority of them are continually asking for high fee which isn't right and it has frightened users off and made them not to use the exchange system once more.

In this manner, XCOYNZ is here to change existing conditions , patching up exchange pattern of trading by having any kind of effect in Crypto exchange market with its extraordinary features I will talk about here . XCOYNZ won't modify an effectively operational product and power users to jump on new model of operational pattern. Everything about this platform is genuine, neat, new and extraordinary. its cards to make subsidize withdrawals possible is second to non.

The project team are on the kept running of getting feedbacks from all the crypto users about their experience on the trading setups and the feedback which suggests that, in XCOYNZ EXCHANGE both old and new crypto devotees can take an interest and hit the nail on the head, XCOYNZ exchange is so available for everybody to pick up trading. they getting is wonder in with the end goal that it will out best the experience that those users have had in the past time.

The project is building an exchange from the outlook of needing to convey the best task to the users with a bigger trading volumes. With the foundation of the exchange system that will be given by this platform, there will be an entire solution that depends on a scalable  microservices system.

The most intentions  of this exchange platform is to have a decent and stable exchange setup that will be anything but difficult to utilize, and giving products that will be appropriate for each level level position of any users with the end goal that even a layman can appreciate the platform. XCOYNZ has secure itself a great team.


Security:- XCOYNZ platform is the best and how pertinent this platform is that, it is based on a few sorts of wellbeing model that will out best that current trading associations and the platform utilizes API to work.

Transaction fees:- in spite of the fact that it might appears as though it isn't valid or anybody is attempting to play trick, however is 100% genuine and valid about XCOYNZ platform offers users the capacity to set their transaction fee themselves without obstruction from anyone not at all like the current platforms that made withdrawal low and in charges also high.

User Interface:- XCOYNZ gives the best model of interface with the end goal that it require investment to properly actualize. This is to convey greatest fulfillment to the users.

XCOYNZ CARD: This card is utilized for buying and selling within  the ecosystem at any EPOS system and withdrawals of funds from any ATM. with a less fee and risk free. What's more, another great part of this smart card is, user can make withdrawals at any accessible or close ATM with XCOYNZ smart cards.


Token Name: XCOYNZ
Token Symbol: XCZ
Token Supply: 1,250,000,000
Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain Network)


Phase 1: 580,000,000 Allocated to Phase 1 (50% Bonus)
Phase 2: 76,000,000 Allocated to Phase 2 (25% Bonus)
Phase 3: 76,000,000 Allocated to Phase 3 (5% Bonus)


60% is Allocated to Crowd Sale
15% is Allocated to Team
12% is Allocated to Foundation Reserve
8% is Allocated to Advisors
5% is Allocated to Bounty & Community


75% Allocated to Development
12% Allocated to Marketing
5% Allocated to Legal
3% Allocated to Admins and Operations
5% Allocated to Reserve



White Paper:






Bounty0x Username: Chacha100

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