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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Since 2009 the blockchain has advanced, driving the path with basics  about blockchain which had to do with decentralization of the currency, the permanent transactions, the Smart contract innovation and the most welcoming of all is the anonymity behind exchange on the blockchain. I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to flaunt that I found Blockchain innovation and I was one of it's extremely early clients however that would be a falsehood, I found the presence of blockchain innovation at some point in 2015 and I quickly realized that I have unearthed a Goldmine and that Blockchain would have been what's to come. One of the main developments brought by the Blockchain is Bitcoin.

All these refresh has prompted the advancement and steady creative belief system on the NOKU PLATFORM. The developers of this amazing project has revived it's goals and reclassified it's outlines. Some essential refresh that has happened recently in the project include:


Noku has a structure that allows the Creation of an ERC20 token in under 5 minutes. So as to get a custom token the need to Set-up a flowing supply, logo and change the likelihood of burning and minting them.

When the token creation is finished up, the whole measure of tokens can be put away or conveyed from your wallet to other ETH wallets. This is managed without the assent or thought in programming or having thoughts on software that can power such.


In the platform, the foundation of a payment structure has been made called Noku Pay which essentially is a Meta-Blockchain and the main payment system of the project. The payment system allows it's adopters even with a smartphone to pay or transfer tokens and cryptos progressively and for nothing. The payment/accumulation system is for nothing out of pocket for everybody, for the individuals who pay and the individuals who get reserves. Noku Pay will be integrated into both the Noku Web Wallet and the Noku Mobile Wallet.


A people group of individuals who uninhibitedly exchange esteem and trust needs an easy to use and amazing condition.

Deal with multiple locations, a huge number of tokens and crypto, transfer asset and stay responsible for your private key.

Get constant conversion rates and appreciate Mobile-Web Synchronization.

Accessible for Android and IoS gadgets.

Fundamentally these improvement has become enormously and supported the belief system of the project.Conclusively,the Noku Platform has advanced significantly with steady survey of its capacity and has made a network of individuals who exchange trust and incentive by bringing an easy to understand and incredible condition which empower it's adopters to deal with multiple locations, a great many tokens and crypto, transfer asset and some more.

Which Features are included in the TokenRaise Version?

Whitelist your Contributors
KYC Management
Reservation Contracts
Multiple Presales available
Tailored for Partners -Ready to scale
Exchange Listing
More than 100 Custom parameters available

 NOKU PLATFORM has given the world full autonomy to participate and enjoy the services in which blockchain has to offer by empowering the masses to adopt and own their own tokens,this is really a wonderful innovation I must say .

For more information kindly access the links below

Bounty0x Username: Chacha100

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