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Monday, 18 February 2019

Faireum is a public blockchain with a lot of protocols, which centers around the gambling  industry and gives a decentralized, minimal effort, straightforward, and secure wagering and gambling knowledge. Faireum utilizes its own local currency and smart game contract to ensure a brilliant and premium wagering background and administrations in lotteries, sports  wagering, games of casino and other computerized game to clients. Faireum releases a brilliant customer in view of the arrangement of protocols for the formation of a trustful, borderless, secure, and quick on the web gambling system that benefits all.


Faireum has built up a rivalry public blockchain based on the prescribed procedures of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. The consensus algorithm received from the Byzantine fault tolerance  based delegated proof of stake (BFT-DPos) guarantees the confirmation of transactions on the Faireum Blockchain just as its execution.

The protocol being worked on is a set if the standards utilizes for gambling DApp on the Faireum Blockchain. It is additionally perfect with the majority of the WASM blockchain contracts composed by a high state programming language and actualizes Faireum protocols. The principal version will be released toward the finish of 2019. It will continue advancing together with the Faireum nature, what's more, will be the key part to bring a people to come, top notch gaming background to the client.

Our main goal is to empower the up and coming generation of many-to-many gambling and wagering applications. By expanding over existing blockchains, our applications will most likely be conveyed in a distributed domain, with complete reasonableness, transparency, and perceivability. We trust Faireum is progressive and will change everybody's desires for how reasonable and quick applications and gaming can be.


The traditional and web based gambling industry, various types of information like the utilization of clients, related VIP level, amount of the win or the expert estimation
of ability, are gathered and stored in various centralized systems. Data exchange is
associated with extraordinary difficulty, which prompts issues with the assessment of virtual assets like ranking, execution, credit, and so forth. The Faireum Chain will digest the protocol for the virtual assets, which will guarantee the data structure of the capacity and exchange. Virtual assets either from Faireum or from outsiders will be stored forever on the Faireum blockchain. Moreover, the Faireum blockchain will empower different prerequisites from the owner of the virtual assets through smart contracts. Through the protocol of virtual assets in Faireum, virtual assets could be exchanged or stored effectively. Also, the developers of the game and third party specialist organizations could likewise design their own module of the virtual assets based on this protocol.


• Reducing operational expenses of internet gambling, thusly, giving higher payouts.

• Reducing the danger of fraud.

• Reducing the expense of client accounts and cash management for online club administrators

• Enabling game developers to adapt their work.

• Enabling game developers to create income without working after the amusement is released.

• Creating an open ecosystem of provably reasonable interoperable online gambling clubs.

• Integrating a system of replicable formats and boosted sharing to permit the developers of the game to profit by another esteem exchange decide that Faireum offers.

• Providing an official gambling platform that depends on the Faireum network for completely straightforward betting and charging.

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