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Chimpion: All In One Crypto-based E-commerce Platform

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The blockchain technology is known for its decentralization, transparency, consistency, security and quick nature, transactions carried out by the blockchain can without any contention be questioned by any party ranging  from the seller to the buyer on the grounds that everything is clearly registered on the blockchain - time stamp, amount sent or gotten, and wallet addresses can be seen by people in general.

The blockchain technology is the most utilized innovation on the planet since its introduction in 2008 up until today been the nineteenth day of January 2019. Digital assets were made to be utilized as an payment gateway when transacting to eradicate the traditional complexities we confront today. Mobile payment has demonstrated to end up the most anchored, utilized, helpful, and simple mode of payment since it averts forged transactions.


CHIMPION is an e-commerce network whose point is to upset the traditional mode of i
Payment when buying stock. Most merchants don't acknowledge cryptocurrency as a mode of payment from their customers yet with #chimpion all merchants on their platform will acknowledge installments made with cryptocurrencies. Merchants will most likely pick what cryptocurrency they need to be paid with while customers can pick merchants with best cost to buy from.

CHIMPION gives a room to merchants to point their favored cryptocurrency audience while conveying liquidity to their optimal cryptocurrency. Merchants will be belittled by customers with effectively exchanging advanced assets or stable coins, and they won't need to manage issues of switched payment after it has been made on the grounds that any exchange affirmed on the blockchain is irreversible.

CHIMPION offers customers a reasonable and trusted platform where goods can be purchased with the best costs, goods purchased will dependably be in great condition since vendors will be reviewed before exhibiting their products. As a steadfastness compensate for normal customers, they will be boosted with #bnana tokens, customers will have unhindered access to eilte vendors around the world. There will be no compelling reason to exchange cryptocurrency for FIAT before obtaining anything.

CHIMPION is as of now working with cryptocurrency projects to enable them to convey utility to their tasks by helping them dispatch their online crypto stores. #chimpion plans to make the utilization of cryptocurrency acknowledged overall at whatever point goods are bought.


The following are vendors as of now avetted by #chimpion this means they are trusted and goods purchased from them are real and in great condition

♦ BCD Bazaar

♦ Marks Jewelers

♦ Mahone's Wallpaper Shop

♦ Rosetta Coffee


BNANA is the shortened form of CHIMPION TOKEN which was made on the EOS blockchain, it is EOS consistent. BNANA is a computerized resource that is virtual and electronic which will be utilized as the standard mode of payment for
 services rendered on #chimpion platform. Users or holders can buy stock from any merchants on CHIMPION fueled online stores without any hiccup.


BCD PAY WALLET is coordinated with #chimpion organize, it is a mobile wallet that can be downloaded from google play store with an agreeable and a simple to utilize interface. Each cell phone could turn into a complex banking platform where clients can execute and put requests in a hurry. Clients can utilize it to send and get a huge scope of digital assets, pay for conveyances, shop online safely on the grounds that it has the most recent security usefulness.

BCD PAY WALLET APK ANDROID DOWNLOAD The mobile application will likewise be made accessible on iOS (Apple Play Store) soon, the application will fill in as a mobile payment gateway, clients will almost certainly utilize advanced assets to pay for services  rendered to them rather than the utilization FIAT (Government issued currency.) that was traditionally utilized for payment. The wallet support all ERC-20 tokens, all EOS tokens, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Core, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Waves, Bitcore, and numerous others.


Bounty0x Username: Chacha100

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