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Saturday, 23 February 2019

The utilization of blockchain innovation has achieved the introduction of CAUSEE, a first blockchain-based and first-to-market gamification shopping platform that join internet business, social platform and component of fundraising.

The primary point of is to revolutionize the e-commerce ecosystem by creating income  and giving income to partners, workers and networks of Causee through the shopping platform. Causee additionally intends to go into organization with huge organizations in the online business ecosystem; users will probably win cryptocurrency by putting and staking in the Causee platform.

Notwithstanding the legitimacy and rise in astronomical, there are as yet major obstructions looked as the interest for e-commerce keeps on expanding, this thus makes brouhaha the ecosystem. The following are the different hindrances.


ABSENCE OF EFFICIENCY: The absence of efficiencies in the internet business system has been believed to be a major obstruction confronting the ecosystem whereby customers don't get full fulfillment and delivery.

HIGH TRANSACTION FEE: One of the major hindrances confronting the online business ecosystem is the issue of controlled and high exchange charge brought about on vendors.

KYC BARRIER: Some current web based business platforms don't really confirm and verify consumers henceforth result to unlawful transactions.

CHARGEBACK BARRIER: Many internet business platform chargebacks vendor

NO DISCOUNT: Existing internet business platform don't give chances to limits on things purchase or things offered for sales.

SOLUTIONS PROFFERED AND BENEFITS BY CAUSEE.COM PLATFORM is based on SHOPPING + GAMING + FUNDRAISING. The plans to upset and reshape the technique individuals shop and to a wide range of causes all inclusive.

The causee platform will have a shopping board to get things recorded. Different sheets can give customers the chance to purchase recorded thing at a limited price of over 90% off.

By utilizing Stellar system, causee will most likely exhibit precision, straightforward and reasonableness.

Fixed commitment will be made accessible to supporting reason after finish of shopping board.

By utilizing platform, consumers will almost certainly purchase goods and services without burning through cash. platform additionally offers consumers or merchants rebate of over 90% for each thing offered available to be purchased.

Vendors in appreciate low or no exchange fees. exhibits transparency with 100% fulfillment and conveyance ensure.

Vendors inside the ecosystem are very much confirmed and verified. This is done to keep away from false exercises. likewise ensures sales. vendors appreciate no chargeback.


The CAUSEE Token is a securities token that is constructed and sent on the Stellar Lumen coordinate with an all out supply of 40,000,000 CAUSEE. Holders of CAUSEE Token will most likely appreciate from income created from NON-US unvestors are qualified to take an interest in the CAUSEE token deal while it's exempted from US members.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 40,000,000


Token Supply: 40,000,000
Available for purchase: 32,000,000
Accepted Currencies: FIAT, BTC, ETH, XLM, LTC and more
Quarterly Disbursement: 0.03125$ (Quarter 3 2019)
Private Sale: 4 Quarter 2018
Pre Sale: January 1-31 2019
Pre Sale Price: 0.75$

Kindly visit the website below for more information about the project:







Bounty0x Username: Chacha100

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