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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Atomic Wallet is basically a multi-currency wallet with decentralized swap exchange. It gives an incredible "on-demand " benefit that empowers the users to lessen the exertion spent on managing cryptocurrency assets and makes it transparent and dependable. To make the platform significantly more advantageous and valuable for users, the Atomic Wallet team utilizes the best UIs and security procedures, which makes it less demanding to utilize the usefulness of the Atomic Wallet platform in full. As a token owner, you can exchange the coins to your families and friends, get a few content, keep it as an important investment, and move it in exchange market. The technology gives you more transparent and solid transactions since all should be possible quicker or distributed without the assistance from third party, for example, financial institutions.
The most solid place to store cryptocurrencies is a wallet that can't be hacked by hackers and can be comprehended by its users.
Cryptocurrency wallet is a blockchain that is always updated and accessible whenever. Right now, there are two principle sorts of crypto storage – "cold" and "hot" storage. At the point when the "hot" technique for coins is constantly accessible and expects access to the Internet, while "cold" storage shouldn't be connected with the Internet, they are stored on personal devices, and they are considered the most secure.
The Atom Wallet chooses the "cold" wallet storage when the password is stored on the user device, and not on the server and just he is in charge of it. The steps expected to access the wallet and keep up its security are as per the following:
1: Personal password expected to make transactions made by users;
2: A backup phrases comprising of 12 words produced, serves as an extra chance to reestablish access to the wallet when the password is lost;
3: Encrypting all stored data on user's gadget likewise adds to data protection: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetrical block cipher picked by the US government to secure sensitive information .
One of the elements of e-wallet from Atomic Wallet is to give more access to purchase anything on the web from blockchain based platforms by utilizing token or coins. The main activity is picking the products or service you need to purchase from the trader. At that point, you can exchange the coins dependent on the cost specified there. Simply ensure that you have their telephone number for exchanging the coins by means of Smartphone
Ticker: AWC
Type: Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies ETH
Bonus Program Private sale: 0.3 USD
Public sale: 0.4 USD
Token distribution 50% – Private Pre-Sale
30% – Founders & Advisors
15% – Public Sale
5% – Airdrop & Bounties
Funds allocation 40% – Initial Liquidity
30% – Software Development
20% – Marketing
5% – Legal and Operational
5% – Unexpected Costs
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