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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Islamic banking is certifiably not a financial sector based banking however a real sector based banking. In transactions in the real sector include yn ayn (goods and services) and 'dayn (money) with the goal that the exchange sector winds up vital in an exchange that is carried out. And additionally being imperative in carrying out contracts in Islamic exchange so as to carry out and comprehend the idea of contracts in banking products.
Presently a platform has given an answer for everything so every exchange, particularly in the cryptocurrency currency can work as per Islamic principles, this is where the capacity of this platform can tackle the issue of adjusting crypto assets with the values of ADAB's high Islamic social ethical quality SOLUTION makes a worldwide cryptocurrency platform for Muslims and the world as a rule.
Without precedent for the cryptocurrency market, ADAB SOLUTIONS will execute the Sharia Advisory Board in its structure to make a dependable platform for propelling halal projects.
Muslim moral vulnerability about tolerating work in the crypto market prompts remove, and because of the absence of association of the Muslim community in the mechanically innovative financial sector, the ADAB Solution will take care of this issue.
Be that as it may, at present the inclusion of Muslims in the cryptocurrency market is practically nothing, particularly in the realm of financial aspects and crypto markets, ADAB SOLUTIONS currently needs to give an inspiration to all Muslims to the crypto market and locales that give halal projects, while the crypto market needs to make values new about business management, sharia standards are high and furthermore safeguarded.
Symbol: ADAB
Token type: ETH (ERC20)
ICO Price: 1 ADAB = 0.1 USD
Min purchase: 100 USD
Total supply: 480.000.000 ADAB
Available supply: 345.000.000 ADAB
Soft cap: 2 500 000 USD
Hard cap: 18 700 000 USD
ICO Start date: 6th of September 2018

The mission of the ADAB Solutions project is to make conditions and services based on the high moral and social values of Islam and give access to all users of crypto economics.
The key aim of ADAB Solutions is to make a structure that will set up new moral standards for working together in the industry. ADAB – standards of conduct recommended by the norms of the Shariah, including great habits, standards of respectability, humanity, courtesy. The name of ADAB Solutions is a major obligation regarding the makers of the project.
ADAB is a lifestyle in Islam, which the authors of the project think about normal in regular day to day existence, as well as obligatory foundation of business relations.

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