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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

E-commerce is based on centralized platform in which customer's personal data may be exploit anytime. The e-commerce is utilized and authorized by a head in which such a significant number of measures must be taken with the end goal to make customer's information safe and secure. Due to the problems surfacing structure the e-commerce industries, there is radically reduce in the number of people disparaging the e-commerce system. The development of PLAZA inside the blockchain has solved these problems.

Plaza is a decentralized platform that target both lifestyle and technology. Plaza b-commerce has been integrated with modern technology and future-confirmation of merchantchain blockchain infused commerce (b-commerce) that enable quick and secure transactions inside the platform. The platform is categorized into the PLAZA merchantchain and PLAZA freedom lifestyle.

The Plaza platform has developed a unique ecosystem for the e-commerce market, furnishing customers with the chance to make purchases at online stores at the best prices, directing every single money related transaction through blockchains, and because of MerchantChain blockchain, all transactions are conducted at a speed of 15,000 transactions per second. seconds MerchantChain is a specialized blockchain, Plaza's own development for the e-commerce market, based on the Prof of Work (PoW) consensus, which provides improved coin convention usefulness inside an ecosystem. MerchantChain will enable outsiders to create their own decentralized applications that enable them to help blockchain trading with the presentation of their own stable coins.

A distinctive feature of the Plaza ecosystem is that it will have two PLAZA and PL $ tokens working in it. The Token PLAZA is a marker of the ERC-20 standard, operating in the Etherium network, presented for purchase at the organization's ICO stages and later to buy on cryptocurrency exchanges. PL $ (PlazaDollar) is an internal stable currency of MerchantChain Plaza, designed to lead secure online trading, the rate is fixed and pegged to the dollar, which permits buyers not to stress over possible loss of funds associated with the change in the rate of the principle PLAZA token.

The Plaza platform will present buyers with enhanced AI with a meta-search algorithm that will enable them to locate the best deals on the correct item from different online stores in a matter of seconds. The platform will feature its very own PlazaMarket, where sellers will accept payment in PL $ and PLAZA and, due to low transaction fees, buyers will be expected here with the best price offers. With a convenient and simple interface, the multi-currency wallet PlazaWallet will enable buyers to store their funds and make payments with a high degree of security.

Concierge Plaza - the Alexa-based smart speaker is a unique device that enables you to mine day in and day out in MerchantChain blockchain, and in addition use it as a hardware wallet. Well, the Plaza debit card will enable you to make purchases in regular stores and take money from an ATM.


Token symbol: PLAZA
Token standard: ERC-20
1 ETH = 5000 PLAZA
Soft Cap = 5,000 ETH
Hard Cap = 100,000 ETH
Accepted Payments - ETH

For more information about the project, you can follow the links below:
Official site:
Technical paper:

Bounty0x Username: Chacha100

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