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OUTOFTHECLOUD - Revolutionizing File and Data Sharing

Thursday, 18 October 2018

image is the next generation in record sharing solutions that offers a dynamic introduction and instant delivery platform for its clients. With a basic 2 stage process, the user can transfer and present the majority of their coveted video, audio, document and image files. In doing as such a professionally showed secured web page introduction exhibiting the majority of the files chose is made. The OutCloud system was first developed exclusively for use inside the private detective agency as a way to securely send case related materials to customers which regularly included substantial video, document, audio and image files. Other file sharing services accessible at the time accompanied genuine security concerns and came up short on any type of introduction at all. The current record sharing administrations likewise required the recipient to download files each one in turn before they could even be seen and required the user to give them numerous obtrusive authorizations to try and utilize their system. This was basically not a satisfactory method for working together accurately inside this particular industry.
1: Safe and Secure
Your files and data will be stored in profoundly secure and locked down folders, encrypted, parsed and set everywhere on a blockchain network. Decentralized capacity is faultless security.
2: Proprietary Viewer
Your users will have the capacity to see your files across the board secure watcher that you can make your very own with custom branding and situating.
3: Nothing to Install
All that is required by your customer is a PC ,internet access and a web browser.
To stream video we can utilize three techniques. The videos default to " Force Progressive."
The RTMPe protocol streams your video in nonstop sections without uncovering the location of the video file, offering a secure strategy for content delivery. This setting is for the most part more effective with transfer speed, as it doesn't have to load video from the earliest starting point to the end, just what is seen.
Dynamic download will begin laoding the video from start to finish, so it is more qualified for short videos. We offer a pseudo-streaming administration with this setting enables users to jump to various points in the video, imitating genuine streaming.
This setting will make the default delivery technique RTMPe Streaming, which will fall back to HTTP Progressive Download should the stream be blocked or if the player is set to loop.
Outcloud is most appropriate for an ICO model as the project is vast to the point that it will be executed in stages and as indicated by milestones, which can be accomplished through ICO project financing. By adding to the project, you are empowering this innovative product to be discharged to the public sooner.
Name: OutCloud
Symbol: OUT
Platform: Ethereum
Price of Coin: $0.10 (pre sale) and $0.15 (ICO)
Total supply: 1,200,000,000
Pre-ICO: 300,000,000
ICO: 400,000,000
Accepted Contributions ETH
Protocol ERC20
Minimum Contribution Amount 10 USD (0.04 ETH)
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Written By: chacha1000
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