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Tuesday, 30 October 2018


IOVO is a blockchain based platform. This platform is made to "give back the individual ownership and authority over one's data." It additionally empowers users to offer that data for money.
Right now, numerous centralized structures take full favorable position of the data created by users of various platforms and their regular day to day existences. IOVO cures this by giving a decentralized network database that enables users to profit by collecting, storing, and sharing their own esteem specifically or by means of various decentralized apps (dApps).
IOVO is intended to democratize valuable data possession, monetization and storage with the end goal to ensure human capital resource esteem in the light of progressing automation of work and administration forms.
The expression "omniledger" alludes to IOVO's status as a "ledger of ledgers, a general worldwide database network going about as a base layer for various decentralized social and business applications. As an omniledger, IOVO will turn into a developing, secure, and straightforward foundation for different quantitative esteem administration platforms and dApps, giving both user strengthening and social and business utility
Present day social and economic is progressively reliant on data. The flow of data (accumulation, storage, administration, trade, and so forth.) characterizes the structures of intensity in politics and economies. The centralization of all datarelated forms hurts democracy and is the main driver of the momentum and future decrease in human esteem.
There are two key reasons why IOVO is so vital:
Huge associations harvest and process the data produced by the exercises of about each human on the planet. People have no power over this, and they have no specialized plan of action to decide how their data is utilized. Data is reaped and adapted while the people who produce that data see no advantages. When centralized, this individual data is simple for unapproved, regularly unfriendly elements to appropriate.
There is a requirement for a total all inclusive database that can be effectively perused and broke down. The IOVO DAG is an extensive network database open to analysts and researchers from each possible field.
IOVO is a DAG (directed acrylic graph) planned as a platform for different applications. IOVO's essential capacities are to gather, store, and secure client data imparted to applications based upon the IOVO DAG. User data can't be gotten to by different users without the first users assent. In the event that a user consents to share their data, they will get a concurred expense when that data is gotten to. Users choose decisively the amount of their data is made remotely available to different parties, while keeping complete authority over it. Each perusing activity and query requires an installment. IOVO fills in as an individual data wallet. It manufactures a ground-breaking all inclusive database that permits unlimited analysis opportunities.
IOVO gives the foundation to make another data economy, one which enable users to adapt their data and access benefits that were beforehand just accessible to the owners of platforms and applications.
Iovo likewise tries to change the data analogous paradigm to digital, in order to guarantee that data generation will never again be misused by big corporations.The decentralization that is empowered by Blockchain reduce the middlemen and specifically connects users to data acquirers.
This blockchain and smart contracts advancements would give full straightforwardness on how data is gathered, checked, refreshed , it also ensures the reward for the authorities and owners of data.
To each issue conceives a solution in any ecosystem. Since producing a quality data turns into a troublesome issue and pulls in a genuine mishaps in the present ecosystem, Iovo has come to put a superior shape and contrast by making a ultra-versatile and profoundly dependable stage by utilizing DAG, dAPPS and smart contracts being one of a kind and innovative solution to collecting and anchoring a 100% of the world's physical data.
Iovo will be the energy-drive and the first historically speaking decentralized and cooperative system for data generation.
This decentralized system will democratize access to data while compensating the individuals who produce it.Through Iovo's crowdsourcing feature, an unmistakable way would be cleared for those the individuals who gather, examine and create data to be rewarded. Data will then not be available for usage through the centralized but rather
inside a decentralized marketplace, as indicated by the distinctive needs of each market player.
IOVO is a powerful network database for browsing, analysis, and inference. The infrastructure is comprehensively analysis-friendly and equipped with easy access to external analytical tools. Researchers and analysts can also use tools and solutions delivered by IOVO. The benefits of IOVO for companies and data analysts include:
Big data access to complete network.
Data research and analysis.
Full anonymity.
Direct contact with surveyed users.
Secure data storage and unmodifiable history.
By aggregating all types of personal data generated by users of dApps based on the DAG, IOVO serves as a complete big data infrastructure capable of providing answers to complex research and analysis queries.
Examples of IOVO-based applications are as follows:
Online Influence-based Dynamic Pricing
Insurance Scoring Systems
News Dapp: Dropp
Banking And Finance Scoring
Hr: Professional And Cooperation Data And Rating
Knowledge Exchange Scoring
Food Quality And Distribution Scoring
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