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Friday, 7 September 2018

Rateonium is a blockchain-based product and service rating platform. Users will have the capacity to rate products and services given by various companies and get rewards. The Rateonium solution envisages a verification framework to guarantee that no reviews are presented all together on non reputable companies.
Rateonium upsets the way we rate by creating a decentralized application that is greatly easy to utilize. Nonetheless, ease of utilization is only the start of many advantages that Rateonium conveys both to clients and companies with its unique rating framework.
Anchored by the blockchain, in Rateonium ratings are fair, transparent and reliable. Rateonium's mission is it to increase product and administration transparency of companies through an overall Blockcain-based costumer rating framework.
As of now, Blockchain is the main innovation which can give trust to online ratings and reviews by:
Giving full transparency to product reviewers and their identities;
Giving a decentralized platform that cannot be manipulated;
Creating smart contracts which create reliable content; and
Generating value for online reviews as tokens.

Most people within the society recognize or understand innovation in terms of the application of skills and technology to improve products in the market. However, it is important to note those organizational leaders also need innovation for the sake of good internal management. One of the major areas which require high levels of innovation is data collection and data protection. Every organization around the globe keeps important data or information which is vital for the organization’s success. However, the massive technological advancement in the environment has exposed organization to the risk of losing data or access by unauthorized users within the societies. Many companies attract many customers at their launch. The companies give out rewards that are highly on demands. For the early participants in Rateonium, they will be able to have a great experience as they will be able to enjoy the special launch offers that the project have to offer.
The Rateonium system will allow the users to give down or up ratings, and this will allow meticulous evaluations to be marked as inappropriate or as helpful. The author gets a lot of benefits when his/her review is categorized as useful by other users and this allows him/her to get many tokens. This ability to assess diverse reviews also augments their significance regarding the companies’ internal quality administration efforts. This permits them to voluntarily draw thorough conclusions which aspects are more significant to the customers than the other.

Token: RTC
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
PreICO price: 1 RTC = 0.000091 ETH
Prices at ICO: 1 RTC = 0,000182
ETH Bonus: Pre-sale: 50% 1. Sales Token: 40% 2. Sales Token: 30% 3. Token Sales: 20% 4. Token Sales: 10%
Token for sale: 665,414,296
Min. investment: 0.2 ETH
Reception: ETH
Distribute in ICO: 83%
Soft cap: 32,000 ETH
Hard cap: 84,234 ETH
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Written By: chacha1000
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