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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Parksen parking application that is been utilized in the Netherlands effectively empower users to find and to order parking set aside a few minutes for any town in the Netherlands. It runs completely on the cloud and it's straightforwardly associated with garages and metropolitan with the work of different Apis and with this, users can have AN affirmation of getting real-time data of feasible parking areas that are unpleasantly regarding the matter of them.
Parksen also incorporates a dashboard for cities, parking garages, and firms. This dashboard is prepared to maps the quantities of cars that have been set in a spot, predict next exercises and gives information which may be acquainted with optimizing parking lot.
The platform has been made with the intention of significantly enhancing outdated and antiquated city infrastructure. The point is to streamline everyday activities for any individual who ends up in the heart of occupied urban communities. They will put it under a test by handling the problems of the Parking and Transportation industry. To start with, they will patch up and grow the Minimum Viable Product (MVP): the Parksen Parking application. New highlights will include real-time information on traffic situations, congestion and, above all, a direction system that enables drivers to locate the nearest and most moderate parking spaces close them.
Also,it will offer clear and universal API's and dashboards for organizations, parking garages, municipalities, maintenance workers , emergency services and consumers. By offering everybody a similar service, which runs completely on the Parksen Parking Cloud,it guarantee that every included parties can remove the middleman that drives up their margins,thereby ensuring sensible and moderate rates in all cases. These API's and dashboards will be associated with variety of smart city solutions which will center and depend vigorously around IoT integration and smart car innovation. The accumulation of traffic related information will permit the app and platform to furnish the users with a steady stream of precise and ongoing circumstances in the roads, while nearby governments and municipalities can utilize the information to curb congestion on a more reasonable extent.
1: Real-time Parking App - The Parksen parking app is made for drivers, and it enables them to save and pay for parking before the exact time, therefore restricting their pursuit and pressure . The app additionally demonstrates to them the fasted route to their destination.
2: Cloud Solution - The Parksen objective is to associate municipalities and organizations to consumers and garages.
3: The PARQ token - The Parksen own special token, usable in the app to pay and receive payment for parking actions, and furthermore in the dashboard and market place to pay and get payment for hard and programming that will enable your city, to organization or garage contribute greener urban areas.
4: Green, Smart and Connected City Platform - The Parksen City Platform comes with a milestone universal dashboard that tracks congestion, pollution, use and state of parking spaces, status of associated IoT gadgets and sensors. It likewise incorporates a market for green and smart apparatuses.

Token symbol: PARQ
Accepted payment method: BTC, ETH
Total token supply: 10,000,000,000
Pre ICO: 500,000,000 from 01-06-2018
ICO: 2,000,000,000
2016 - Q1 - Parksen Cloud and Parking Application Development
2016 - Q3 - Testing in Beta from Parksen Cloud and the Parking Application
2016 - Q4 - Private Funding first round from Government & Dutch Investors
2017 - Q1 - Launch of Alpha Parksen Cloud and Parking Application in the Netherlands
2017 - Q2 - Research for Green commence , Smart & Connected City Platforms and Hire Additional Members of Team Towards ICOs
2018 - Q1 - ICO Preparation, Website, Smart Contract and White Book Development
2018 - Q2 - Starting from Pre-Sales and General Sales
2018 - Q4 - Development of IoT Devices for Smart Parking Solutions start and Prepare Offices and Expand Teams for Expansion globally
2019 - Q1 - Start Parksen City Beta Platform Development
2019 - Q4 - Launch Beta from Parksen City Platform
2020 - Q2 - Launch of Final Products in Selected Cities
2020 - Q4 - Global Release of Green, Smart & Connected City Platform
Eddie Postma - CEO
Paul Heath - Chief Security Officer
Fokko van den Bosch - IT Architect
Arjan Douwes - Senior developer
Massimo Bensi - Senior developer
Joost Platje - Global Sustainability Strategy Expert
Roy van Pamelen - Urban Development Specialist
Tanna Heath - Risk Assessment Manager
Cor Alberts - Legal advisor
Maarten Voskuil - Consumer Privacy Legal Advice
Wilhelm Roth - Marketing and Communication Manager
Jan Heemskerk - Content Manager
Marc Garcia Abellan - Social Media and Community Manager
Simon Cocking
Jason Hung
Richard Krawczyk
Mohamed Roushdy
Dennis Schouten
Nick Reineman
Official website:
White Paper:
Written By: chacha1000
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