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Saturday, 8 September 2018

In the 1980s,the world largest combustion chambers was created by AI papusha as a member of a group of scientists for the soviet buran space programm. The created rocket engine in the exhaust gases of the jet stream contains 1,000 kg of carbon monoxide per second,the amount of carbon di oxide thrown out in three minutes equals all the emissions in moscow in a day.To completely remove carbon monoxide,A.I. Papusha applied a new type of multi-stage transonic combustion (speed ~1,000 m/s) with input of lots of water and oxygen. This made it possible to achieve a thousand-fold reduction in the emission of carbon monoxide from 1,000kg down to 1 kg/sec.

About 10 million of barrels of oil per day is being lost per day to oil refinery like thermal and chemical cracking do exist,but,tens of millions of dollars will be spent and it is very difficult to operate and maintain and it can be very ineffective also.
The technology of transonic combustion can be used to extract highly demanded products like kerosine,diesel fuel,synthetic oil and gasoline from unused oil product residues.

The team said that it has developed a transparent and effective plan for the worldwide promotion of Papusha Rocket Technology. Any country that is considering the problem of processing inefficient oil waste will be interested in the project. With the sale of each sold PRT-2 unit, 15% of the sales volume goes to the liquidity fund. The company intends to purchase this amount in the market of liquidity funds and transfer operations for incineration within the next 3 months (from the moment of sale). The profit of the economy is extremely simple:
Cost of inexpensive installation PRT-2: 450 000 US dollars
Starting price: 950 000 USD
Net profit of one PRT-2 unit: $ 500,000
Thus, over 6 years, 6,200 units of PRT-2 products were sold, which is just over 7% of the market needs. The team will spend $ 883 million to return tokens from the warehouse. This will lead to the fact that the price of PRT will increase to 3000 times!

Operational payback period: unlike the traditional system, the payback period of which can be deferred for up to 10 years, the PRT case differs, since it takes only one year to obtain a payback.
This stimulates the effectiveness of operations; the use of PRT blocks allows to obtain about 60% of useful liquid fuel from the general process.
Minimum costs: the cost of installing PRT is low compared to the traditional system.
The following scientific figures, academicians, and professors confirmed and approved the initiatives of A.I. Papusha:
● Fortov V.E. - Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
● Ivashov L.G. - President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems;
● Lemeshev M.Ya. - Chairman of the Ecology Committee of the State
Duma of several convocations;
● Dzhanibekov V.A. - cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union;
● Melkonyan R.G. - Professor, Vice-President of the Academy of the
Russian Ecological Academy;
● Padalka G.I. - cosmonaut, Hero of the USSR (world record for staying in space)

Token Information
Name: Papusha
Ticker: Prt
Network: Erc-20 Compatible (Ethereum)
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Soft Cap: No
Hard Cap: 13,500 Eth
Minimum Purchase: 100 Prt
Token Price: 1 Eth = 35oo Prt
Accepted Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (Btc) & Ethereum (Eth)

BOUNTY: 2,000,000 PRT
RESERVE FOR TEAM: 18,000,000

The implementation of the MCO in the case of Papushi is the most transparent and honest way to ensure the financing and development of the project. Every inhabitant of our planet not only participates in a global environmental project, but also receives significant profits. The pioneering Papushi technology allows each person to earn money by helping the neighborhood in any developed country. To this end, the project team declares that it issues a PRT token, which will be announced additionally. They try to decentralize investments in the project to ensure the availability of technology around the world and that the developer is managed by Papusha and his team and that it does not belong to any state or investor.
For more information about the project you can check the links below:
Written By: chacha1000
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