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KRIOS: The Future Of Digital Marketing

Friday, 28 September 2018

Krios is a viable solution to issues as of now confronting the computerized promoting industry. Using the blockchain and Ethereum smart contract innovation, the platform offers a secure and transparent way to lead marketing exercises, for example, making publicizing substance or acquiring advertisement space on a website page. Krios is exploiting Ethereum's smart contract models to give all parties associated with promoting campaigns with a fair, transparent,low cost and speedy approach to organize and execute transactions
Paying exponential mark ups of 10-30% for access to influencers through agencies or outsider platforms. Presently, the best way to achieve influencers is through their specialists, an outsider platform or endeavoring to get in touch with them through online networking; all of which don't ensure a reaction. 
Potential clients taking cover behind a paywall. These premium services are offered to consumers for a little expense and present the administration without advertisements. 
The Krios Platform is the fate of digital marketing. It mitigates the previously mentioned issues by furnishing organizations with access to a network of capable experts who offer some incentive and collaborations in all parts of an organization's promoting campaigns. A platform where organizations of any size can make a full-scale promoting group particular to their undertaking, and afterward oversee and facilitate the campaign, all at a small amount of the normal expense. All exchanges are finished on the Krios platform through the blockchain, with one stage and one expense of 3%. 
Krios offers a basic, streamlined process by which an organization sends a request containing data about their item, spending plan, needs and course of events. 
This is altogether made conceivable through KriosCoin ('KRI') which allow users access to the Krios ecosystem and considers a secure and transparent strategy for affirming and directing the exchanges inside the platform. KRI is an ERC20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used as a unit of account between promoters, publishers, content makers and businesses in another blockchain-based, computerized publicizing and services platform.

Businesses can fabricate their very own campaigns without any preparation and screen their advancement untill completin specifically on the Krios platform. They can employ content managers, web-based social networking managers, ad managers, visual architects, publicists, marketing managers, vloggers, influencers, analyst and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Campaigns will have their own pages where entrepreneurs can track the work, advancement and payment of each supporter and have coordinate lines of correspondence with each member in the task. 
The Krios Network will incorporate an affiliates and endorsers segment which takes into account an effective method to coordinate organizations with their ideal endorser taken into consideration social media outlets, reach , demographic , spending plan and more.This furnishes organizations and endorsers with reserve funds both as far as time and cash, via automating the procedure and disposing of the substantial expenses charged by middlemen and agents. It additionally enables organizations to all the more likely achieve their target market. Krios connects clients hoping to offer their supports and association services to the organizations who are searching for them. Organizations will have alternatives to pick whether they wish to have 1 substantial influencer endorse their item or services or in the event that they would want to have a few micro-influencers entrusted with the job
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