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ICOVO - The World’s First ICO Platform Implementing DAICO

Thursday, 13 September 2018

ICOs can never come to an end,it have become part of humanity. Presently, you should be extremely watchful in picking such ICO, as instances of fraud by the organizers and misdirection of individuals who put resources into their ideas have turned out to be more incessant. It isn't in every case simple for a man to get such solid data about the project's Team, its history and unwavering quality, or it takes a ton of time. Thus now you need a platform that will have the capacity to ensure the cash of investors and it can turn into a project ICOVO.
ICOVO makes a decentralized platform and application that encourages the choice of investors and secures their funds with the assistance of intelligent contracts that appropriate funds to new companies, handling their ICO as they move along the guide in stages.
This process will permit just solid and promising projects to exist, the team won't have the capacity to escape with the gathered funds from investors, along these lines getting extra inspiration for facilitate development, discharges and updates. The depositor at each stage will have the capacity to settle on the return of their investment
The fundamental core of the platform is obviously DAICOVO smart contract, which was emphatically communicated by the Creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin

ICOVO is the world's solitary ICO platform that can take care of these three problems.
It will take care of the problems of
1) project drafters fleeing with the obtained funds,
2) projects halting in development because of decrease in inspiration of project founders with DAICOVO, KYC/AML, and Whitepaper versioning
"DAICOVO" is a smart contract based on the idea of DAICO proposed by Ethereum co-owner Vitalik Buterin in January 2018 to secure ICO investors and will be implemented in the ICOVO platform. Furthermore, KYC/AML will be implemented for the two investors and project founders, while Whitepaper versioning utilizing IPFS and blockchain will stop alteration. Just ICO projects that are pre-endorsed and will execute DAICO will be facilitated, and for those projects, ICOVO tokens "OVO" will be issued to get a 25% discount in respect to ETH.
3) high hindrances for ICO participation will be solved through the world's first ICO-enhanced "ICOVO App" and "ICOVO Web", instead of MyEtherWallet, which can be hard to use for amateurs.
"ICOVO App" and "ICOVO Web" will highlight a basic UI that is anything but difficult to use for anybody, and incorporates a wallet fitting in with ERC20/ERC223, token purchasing capacity, and even the mechanism DAICOVO to empower refunds to investor through a voting procedure—everything expected to partake in an ICO all in one place

A DAICO is a model that uses decentralized techniques to keep organizers from untrustworthily utilizing funds raised through an ICO. . In ICOs utilizing tokens that adjust to the ERC20 standard, smart contracts are utilized to restrain the measure of funds raised that project founders can pull back per unit of time, and if the project is dropped for reasons unknown, the rest of the funds can be returned back to the ICO investors if an agreement is reached.
ICO investors who utilize OVO to buy tokens for projects drafted on the ICOVO platform get a 25% discount compared to using ethereum. Since OVO is an exchange-listed token, its cost varies against ETH. Consequently, the rate for the 25% discount against ETH is set at whatever the rate is simply before each drafted project's token sale starts (bringing about the discount rate proceeding to fluctuate all through the token sale). What's more, 30% of the sum raised by the organizers is paid in OVO while the rest of the 70% is paid in ETH.

Token OVO
Price 1 OVO = 0.30 USD
Bonus Available
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 100 USD
Soft cap 5,868 ETH
Hard cap 60,360 ETH
Country Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist

Written By: chacha1000

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