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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Humancoin unites philanthropists and recipients of funds on a single P2P platform in the most easier and transparent possible way. The blockchain platform fuelled by the “mined” Humancoin token will breathe new life into the charity industry, proving an engine of growth. While becoming a premier global loyalty program for an increasing number of partners in e-commerce at the same time.
Charity is something that people do regularly, however the most amazing thing is that the advancement of technology has not been completely applied to charity, the main exceptional case is the role that monasteries spend two hundred years back, and this method is presently accepted by humanitarian foundations.
The associated p2p Internet platform and the emergence of blockchain technology contribute to taking care of the primary problems in the business, and furthermore give a powerful impetus to further development.
Here are some of the ways that a blockchain platform can offer help.
• Donors will be able to screen transactions to ensure that their money is spent properly, the manner in which it was intended.
• Charitable associations will likewise be able to demonstrate honesty, clearly indicating how they use the money provided.
• The payment system will become simplified, and the problems associated with the conversion of the crypto currency will be resolved.
• Transaction costs can be reduced because the process will be automated.

There is almost certainly that there is a great development in the method for giving, yet even for this purpose the charitable branch couldn't overcome its principle obstacle, which is an absence of trust.
Donors, who are generally private firms, face the problem of trust, giving up, because there is no means to affirm whether the store will receive a timely exit.
It was likewise discovered that the greater part of the donated reserves are kept as administrative expenses, which are normally used for charitable foundations.
Operating costs are likewise a major problem, as most people and businesses ordinarily have to spend their well meaning plans ultimately to cover transaction costs

This is the primary ever blockchain project that can possibly become a worldwide e-commerce loyalty program aggregator. Relationship with charity gives its tokens a unique advantage in developing loyalty programs with partners creating a compelling emotional resonance. Instead of competing with existing projects, the Humancoin token is effortlessly integrated into already existing systems — all it requires is setting a conversion rate.

Blockchain solves the trust issue by giving transparency, traceability and security
Benefactors can rapidly make gifts worldwide, screen their expenditure online, receive benefits from the platform's partners
The advantageous interaction of e-commerce and cryptocurrencies will facilitate an increase in the number of benefactors
Among the project's partners will be large online stores, service businesses, gaming and entertainment industries, airlines, cryptoexchanges, international enterprises, regardless of whether they operate with cryptocurrencies or not.
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