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Monday, 10 September 2018


This project goal is to create the best climate for small businesses and ordinary people to use their services around the world. Freldo works effectively in the US and Canada.
Its uniqueness lies in the way that from the earliest starting point it was made as a free open place, where private ventures and their clients - who are dear companions and associates can communicate. The Motto of the Company is "Trust Your Friends" In the meantime, Freldo has turned into a case of effective application of new innovations to assist little and medium-sized businesses.
The Freldo developers have define objectives to dispose of all the significant issues confronting small companies today in online space.
Specifically, we discuss the intensity of feedback, the expensive cost of advertising on famous Internet resources, the doubt that exists from potential clients for service providers. Freldo likewise tackled the issue in the price field, disentangling calculations, which decidedly influenced both the money related state of small businesses and ordinary consumers' wallets.
The Freldo network is currently exploring who should change to blockchain technology, with the help of experienced specialists in this field. On account of this modern technology, it is conceivable to build up direct communication amongst buyers and sellers, excluding interference or influence of intermediaries.

Cell phones are most of the time currently utilized for getting to the internet, threfore as a Cryptocurrency BlockChain FRECN, it is of high benefit to have Freldo application as a mobile application.
The beauty about FreldoApp is that you would have the capacity to impart, have orders, to make payment, and publish offers of business utilizing the application when completely developed. These should not exclusively be possible with Desktop computers, or lab-tops and in addition with smartphones.
These will empower business administration at wherever whenever as long as there is an internet connection. The application is a HybridApp technology compatible with MobileApp and Mobile website with real time notification of exchange, reviews and news.
The payment inside freldo will be done directly without intermediaries, and different payment currencies would be utilized (PayPal, BTC, ETH).
Freldo takes care of a large number of the issues looked by the modern service market by offering:
~ Quick and advantageous search functionality utilizing specified parameters
~ No fake reviews (clients recommend services to loved ones, which implies they are not given a motivating force to cheat)
~ Order of goods and services specifically from their Freldo account
~ Transactions and transparency are safe and all thanks to blockchain and smart contracts
Freldo helps spare you time, considering important search criteria, for example, specialist, time, quality, and price!


Ticker: FRENC
Price: 1 FRENC = 0.0002 ETH
Accepting: ETH
Pre-ICO:16th July 2018
Pre-ICO hard cap:2000 ETH
ICO: 17th August 2018
Soft cap: 4,000 ETH
Hard cap: 80,000 ETH
Country: Canada
Restricted: USA, China, Singapore


75% ICO contributors
10% Team Members
5% advisors, bounty
10% reserve fund
Funds Allocation
35% Research and development
35%Marketing and sale
10% security
5% Legal team


for more information about the project you can click the links below:
Written By: chacha1000
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