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CAFECOIN : The Smart Universal Payment Token

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

CafeCoin makes Technology and savings available only to the largest companies, accessible to all CafeCoin. One reason why some OICs failed in the past was because they offered nothing new compared to other cryptocurrencies. Basically they were a new version of the most successful crypts like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Although these two cryptocurrencies are currently the currencies that earn the most money in the market, simply following in their footsteps will not generate the same buzz as when they launched their currency for the first time.
1: Building free software application which is everywhere on electronic platform and customized distributed ledger framework execute near real time,
2: Low cost merchant transactions, since cofecoin leverages the strength of decentralized cryptographically secured tokens
3: Cafecoin is brought to be the utility tokens which will be strongly use for buying customers products and services
There mission is to get the whole market share (the cryptocurrency and cafecoin markets) to use it's leadership, experience, and technical capabilities to make cafecoin the leading decentralize utility payment token adopted by customer and merchant worldwide.
The first step for The Foundation is the initial distribution of utility tokens that follow the ERC20 standard. The marker standard ERC20 is a set of rules that new tokens on the Ethereum platform must follow. This applies to all ERC20 markers that are used on the Ethereum network, and basically focuses on how it interacts with others on the same network. This is the most famous token standard used in its network, and since it corresponds to the uniformity given by the rules, it reduces the complexity of the token interaction, and also increases the liquidity of the tokens themselves. The CafeCoin source tokens will serve as a portable placeholder until the user's block chain is complete.
The next step is to complete the CafeCoin custom block chain. When this is done, the mobile application will be launched on this block chain, all the above-mentioned ERC20 CafeCoin markers will be transferred and written to the active block-chain. The establishment of the block chain also means that the algorithm of CafeHash operation can also be started.
Then the mobile application will begin development. This application will be able to provide, as well as receive payment, share a purchase history, and also contact third-party liquidity providers. The software will provide everything that users need to take full advantage of CafeCoin, and, as mentioned earlier, merchants can use it instead of their traditional sales outlets.
The mobile application CafeCoin will also be launched at this stage. The Fund will also focus on establishing business relations with the first producers in the consumer goods, retail and payment processing sectors. These objects were specifically targeted to maximize the effect of the initial integration of CafeCoin. They will be achieved through the use of digital, viral marketing and traditional means. An additional platform for merchants will also be developed, and it will have secure access to retail data that users can voluntarily share. Traders will find this useful and can collect analytics from the data to conduct their business.
It is expected that consumers quickly integrate CafeCoin because of the various benefits that it provides. Once consumers use CafeCoin extensively, merchants will have an easier time to process payments through the new system. The procurement process will be optimized, and both consumers and business will prove useful because of the multifunctionality of CafeCoin. The Fund also expects that the Cafe sector will become the successful first CafeCoin integrator because of the industry-specific model with high profitability and a re-pool of customers. They have so far proven their resilience to changes in electronic commerce, how they conduct business, but CafeCoin may be the first to break through
30% - Product development
25% - Marketing
25% - Strategic Acquisitions and Market Penetration
20% - Reserve Stability Fund
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