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ALLSPORTER : Decentralized Sport Platform

Monday, 3 September 2018

AllSporter platform is a modern changer, offering a full course of training and purchase of sports equipment for all sports in one mobile application. Allsporter was launched in 2017 in Poland, where the company is officially registered. The project received excellent reviews from the sports industry
Despite the fact that the project is quite young, AllSporter mobile application has been downloaded more than 5 000 times for 8 months of its existence. The total number of users of all working channels is more than 40 000 people and 3 000 fitness trainers. The sports market has been gaining popularity recently. Many people seek to support an active and healthy lifestyle. So, the international sports market is estimated at about $130 billion. Last year, people spent $19 billion to attend sports clubs, and people who did not have the opportunity to attend sports facilities invested $33 billion in the purchase of sports equipment for home classes. AllSporter cuts these costs at least twice.

AllSporter is the primary decentralized peer-to-peer network where sports enthusiasts can order training, lease equipment or monetize individual data. In the AllSporter community, sports enthusiasts can locate the best coaches at their area, enroll for sports occasions/training, lease sports equipment and monetize their own data gathered in the course of the training.
AllSporter is a peer-to-peer application that does not require intermediaries, which implies less fees and no restrictions. Decentralization enables AllSporter to connect trainers and trainees with a lower cost than competition, and gives greater usability to clients and greater benefit for coaches and lessors of sports equipment.
Removing resellers eliminates the need to accept third-party terms.
Decentralized markets enable you to indicate your conditions and offer more open doors for users for a more better deal.
Saving Blockchain data to AllSporter enables you to immediately access any data you require whenever: the data is stored away so as to prevent any obstruction (cloning data stored in a wide range of storages) and considerably more secure and scalable. This strategy for data storage enables you to keep it in a few unique stores, which enormously rearranges the confirmation if essential and opens the likelihood of access to a wide range of databases through one information - an intellectual contract that guarantees classification. The data is circulated over the network, as opposed to tore away in a focal database. Everybody can share their wellbeing and fitness data, and consequently get AllSporter coins.
Blockchain markets offer an unaltered and time-tested check of each exchange at any point made. This approach simplifies transaction tracking , and furthermore counteracts double charges, misrepresentation, manhandle, and some other sort of control. Utilizing the digital money - AllSporter Coin (ALL), coaches and users don't have to confide in any individual who acknowledges payments for their sake, since payments are made one on one between the trainer and trainees, tenants and landlords.

To perform calculations on the project, AllSporter Coin tokens are used. They are developed on the basis of Ethereum with the use of ERC-20 standard. A total of 260 million tokens were issued, of which 55% were allocated for sale. The project’s hardcap is $19 million, softcap - $2.85 million. You can buy tokens using ETH or BTC. Until August 31, the project is at the first stage of the main crowdsale where you can get 17.5% to 20% bonus. The fixed price of one token is $0.23. The minimum participation fee is 0.2 ETH. The next two stages of the ICO will be continuously changing each other until September 22. It is possible to receive bonuses up to 12.5% during this period, depending on the time of cryptocurrency purchase.
The following are the Team of this unique project:
Michal Polanowski (CEO)
Adrian Holota (CTO)
Piotr Lodzinski (CMO)
Marat Azatjan (COO)
Mateus Pniewski (blockchain expert).
Mat Langoski (director)
Michael Majewski (UX / UI designer)
Jan Radzikowski (scientific data)
Iwona Smieszna (back office operations)
Pawel Urbaniak (customer sales)
Wiktor Wiszorowski (researcher).
The sales consultants are as follows: Simon Cocking, Jason Hung, Karol SADAJ, Arkadiusz Szczudlo, Ahmad Piraiee, Svein Rasmussen, Agata Mroczkowska, Marek Kirejczyk and Natalia Kirejczyk.
Then we have the Sports advisers which are: Steve Allen, Connor Baxter, Pawel Hlavaty, Darek Krol and Casper Bouman.
The future development of the project as stated in their roadmap is outlined below:
Q4’18 – Development/scaling/growth of AllSporter platform in Central Eastern Europe and launching of IN-stream training platform.
Q1’19 – Coin Wallet development and implementation in allsporter app & launch of side chain. Research of expansion
Q2’19 – Introduction of AllSporter software for event organizers and expansion to the Asian market and implementation of big data tools.
Q4’19 – Expansion to the United States of America.
Q1’20 – Expansion to Western European market & Pacific.
Q4’20 – Market expansion worldwide.
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