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UBCOIN: The Future Crypto Exchange

Monday, 20 August 2018

This is a Market where everyone can safely and quickly sell or buy real goods in return for cryptocurrency. UBCOIN is the easiest way to become a crypto investor or spend a crypto coin. Ubcoin is important because of the following reasons:
A: UbcoinMarket is a new strategic feature of Ubank - a company that has been around since 2009, a leader in mobile
financing in Eastern Europe.
B: Ubank Mobile App has over 16 million installations worldwide. It's exclusively already installed on all Samsung and Fly
smartphones, including Galaxy S9.
C: ICO will raise funds for UbeetMarket's rapid development and global expansion. You will be the person who builds
new markets.

The process for getting goods by the buyer is easy, but the presence of smart contracts that ensure compliance by all parties with the terms of the transactions adds extra confidence and reliability. The uniqueness of the Ubcoin Marketplace is that all commissions related to its use, although they are relatively low, are paid by the seller of the goods and for the buyer the commission is completely absent.
Most times,this is based on the fact that buyers of goods are the users of the marketplace who pre-purchase UBC tokens, and sellers get tokens directly from the buyers themselves.
The rest of the process of buying goods is not much different from buying a thing in an online store. The user has access to an extensive catalog of products with the ability to search by category. When he finds the necessary thing, he has the opportunity to pay for it with the help of UBC tokens. Also, to avoid attempts to abuse the platform, a system that prevents fraud, authorization of users within the framework of the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, as well as a number of other security measures will also be put in place.
1: The legal market: Ubcoin pay special attention to ensure the validity of goods and services sold in the Ubcoin market. The platform is developing advanced AI technology to help pre-screen seller post for any potential violation of reason, morality, security and good care. The transparency and verification of the seller's profile will be highly encouraged and promoted.
2: Decentralized transactions and settlement: Blockchain enables decentralized initiation, completion and fulfillment of transactions. Immediate payments are made on the basis of smart contracts made with care.
3: Cryptocurrency mass adoption: Ubcoin promote the mass adoption of digital assets that are a means of settlement and investment vehicle, thereby increasing benefits for all parties to everyday buying and selling transactions.
4: Peer-to-peer interaction: This platform facilitates the implementation of intelligent contracts between independent parties. The Ubcoin market has no merchandise for sale, there is no weight in its search results, and it protects the smart contract justice.
5: The interface is perfect: Our interface design delivers a harmonious and seamless global shopping and sales experience. Ubcoin strive to open APIs to communities to develop the best adaptation of platforms for the specific local needs of the global community.
Ubcoin Market
Token: UBC
name: UBCoin
Emission level: No new coins will be created after the token sale expires
Token role: token Utility for contract completion and smart cost
Maximum supply (Hard Cap): 4,000,000,000 UBC
Token Type: ERC20
Network: etereum
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Written By: chacha1000
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