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OPU: Blockchain Based Skin Care Solution

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

OPU is a blockchain based platform that focus its strength and activities on the skincare industry (skincare brands, professionals and consumer),through a mixture of Artificial Intelligence (AI), image analysis, E-commerce technology and Blockchain the platform is committed to creating an evidence-based community where the global skincare industry exchanges information, rewards and data in a way that will be useful to skincare treatment centers, product manufacturers, skincare brand specialists, dermatologists and skincare patients.

OPU lab was created out of the desire to improve peoples selections and use of skincare services and products. The OPU platform is dedicated to developing digital tools that link people from all around the globe to optimal skincare solutions, mostly the type made available for the wealthy consumers. From OPUs experience in the development and sales of health-focused skincare products to consumers, extensive feedback has been collated on the challenges faced by consumers and professionals. Based on the findings, the OPU platform is set out on a mission to provide solutions for measuring and managing skincare. OPU has a user-friendly platform which combines the best of consumer technology with advanced image processing, such as Artificial Intelligence powered treatment recommendations and blockchain secured personal medical information. Opu is doing this through a combination of the blockchain, such as AI, big data, search, image analysis, and eCommerce technologies. OPU rewards those who contribute information and insights to the platform, by means of underpinning, which is a merit-based incentive system, with Ethereum, backed crypto-coins.


● To merge the gap between experts and consumers in the skincare industry.

● To have access to skincare solutions that suit user skin requirements.

● To reduce the cost and time of acquiring skincare solutions.

● to deliver a technological solution that improves the quality and availability of high-quality skin care services.


1: OPU AI: This is the OPU machine learning technology responsible for analyzing, comparing and recommending treatment solutions to both old and new clients and patients.

2: OPU Search: This is the OPU search tool responsible for providing all vital treatment information from all service providers that provide any form of consumer skincare service. This tool also provide you information from eCommerce partners.

3: OPU Coin: The Ethereum crypto coin feature offers you the most comprehensive solutions catalog to all your skin care issues. It is actually the best you can find anywhere in the beauty industry.

4: OPU Connect: This feature avails the chance to connect with relevant key industry players such as skincare specialists and doctors as well as others in the community who use OPU labs services.

5: OPU CRM: This is a free customer retention management tool that enables all service providers and doctors keep track of patients notes, remarks on patients conditions and their mobile history


Token Name: OPU Coin

Type: ERC-20

Total Supply: 2.7billion Token

Price per Token: $0.037000

Hard Cap: US$37million

Soft Cap: US$3million

Payment Method: ETH & BTC

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