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METAHASH : The Fastest Cryptocurrency

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The next  blockchain-based networking technology is the Metahash network in light of the latest Blockchain 4.0 technology to share assets and digital platforms to create, manage applications and services that are decentralized in real time.Metahash have the speed and accuracy in performing existing network transactions. With the new age 4.0 age technology, MetaHash can create a new ordeal for users of this platform while transacting around the world. Since the transaction is done quickly,it can shorten the time required in the transaction process. This is a technology we really need at the present moment and fundamental in businesses and exercises that require network speed in transactions.

MetaHash is a registered organization in Switzerland. Initially MetahHash Company got a ton of creating employments for the creation of a blockchain technology-based application due to the huge demand for the technology finally decided to create its own latest technology, MetaHash technology blockchain 4.0. In 2016 started building up our own TraceChain protocol. In 2017, at that point create the Alpha and beta version of TraceChain protocol and join strength with the organization and the strongest individuals in the field of global promoting and business development.

MetaHash has a speed of up to 3 seconds for every transaction approval time, making it superior to existing blockchain networks, for example, EOS, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. This is the reason Metahash has a better prospect in the current blockchain network infrastructure.



It has in excess of five billion transactions for every day, and does not have more than three seconds to validate transactions and this is a phenomenal pace.


Cloud service for smart real-time development application and can be utilized to decentralize any service.


MetaGate is an engineer program that can embed some code into their own applications and browsers.


With MetaHashCoin can likewise be utilized as a methods for payment:


Data storage

Application operation

Other services


A: It will guarantee a high transaction speed but at an extremely least cost.

B:  The system guarantees high transmission capacity which will again bring down the transaction costs and increase transactions  per unit of time.

C:  Due to low expense and transactions cost more users will be intrigued to utilize the platform

D:  Free transaction cost for all the users

F:  For utilization of MetaHash Wallets clients need to satisfy an additional confirmation procedure which will dispense with any imitation or debasement in the system.

G: It has an open voting system where any voter can make choice and get result of the voting technique. Users can also see IDs of different voters, which enables them to
get more acquainted with the different members of the system.

H:  MetaHash will produce in excess of 5 billion transactions for each day on a normal of just 3 seconds for each exchange.

I:  It doesn't require any particular ability or test to use  the platform unlike other Blockchain systems. A novice can always benefit from the platform.


Ticker Symbol: MHC
Price 1 MHC = 0.0125 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Accepts:: ETH
Country: Russia
Restrictions: None

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