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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Homelend is decentralized peer-to-peer mortgage lending platform developed to face major industry problems and revolutionize mortgage industry. Homelend is using two most effective segments of blockchain technology, distributed ledger, and smart contracts to make a direct connection between lenders and individual borrowers from all over the world. Both sides in the Homelend ecosystem will profit from this platform. Lenders will have faster and less expensive method to access needed funds at much less interest rate by directly connecting with any borrower from the platform. On the other side, borrowers will have direct access to numerous new customers.

The main goal of the Homelend team was to create a secure, transparent and user-friendly platform that will effectively connect two sides in mortgage lending process. The whole process is accelerated and will take less than 20 days to be completed. Even cutting the middleman (Banks) from Homeland ecosystem made mortgage borrowing less expensive and more efficient the security stayed at the top level. Thanks to the blockchain technology all transactions are recorded and impossible to change or falsify in any way.

We all can agree with me that mortgage market is one of the biggest and most profitable markets in the world with $31 trillion per year. Taking a just small fraction of this market would make any company successful and highly profitable, and Homelend has all it takes to do that. If team delivers everything from their roadmap which am sure they will, we could expect that Homelend platform will be launched and fully operational in one year.

Homelend is also conducting ICO to be able to finance  their future development. Homelend tokens will be used for all services and fees on the Homeland platform.


Homelend connects borrowers and lenders extraordinarily, controlled by intelligent contracts, without intermediaries. Borrowers will apply for mortgage loans through the Homelend Foundation. These applications will be evaluated and approved ahead of time (or not) with the assistance of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Based on Homelend, the gathering of data is done in a "totally digital" way. Indeed, even the data contained in the document must be exchanged to the digital archive of herbaceous plants in view of scattered accounting technology. These data are given by users and are precisely explored through professional verification providers.


Homelend gives a basic solution to consumers searching for financing alternatives for their homes. With intelligent contract technology, it gives transparency to the market where the borrowing parties and lenders are in direct communication on one platform. By giving tools to lenders to historical verifications and analysis of potential borrowers, trust is made among the community of investors who are prepared to bet on the platform in view of blockchain technology.

Borrowers on the platform to choose from the many list of potential lenders and present their cases to the selected party. A digital wallet and a fitting profile on the platform are given to every user who registers. The alternative to choose the currency to transact with  on the platform is given to the users of the platform. P2P mortgage loans are easy in the platform. The reliability of borrowers is decided by the use of technological that are advanced , for example, machine learning and data science.


Symbol: HMD

Total supply: 250,000,000

Standard: ERC-20

Nominal value: 1 ETH = 1,600 HMD

Coins accepted: BTC, ETH, USD

Softcap: US $ 5,000,000

Hardcap: US $ 30,000,000

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