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GSENetwork : The Decentralized Trust Network For Sharing Economies

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

GSENetwork aim to build a decentralized trust system for the sharing economies incorporated with blockchain technology. It seeks to proffer a solution from the Economic sharing issues and it does this with the aid of the powerful digital technology. The benefits this will give the system is security and transparency, and this would sustain the system for its users. By putting more emphasis on the global sharing economy, the platform tries to make a decentralized trust network to address trust issues that has limited the development and extension of the sharing economy. The GSE network will aid the communication of each user, service or asset at various parts of the world.

The GSE network is underlined with numerous nodes. All nodes in its network have the capacity of processing and storing user’s information independently. The existence of a smart contract in its system makes its network so flexible such that it can blend with virtually all business needs. There are basically two layers in the blockchain networks. The main layer and the Service layer. The Dservice layer performs the function of allowing business to onboard on the GSE network without issues. To ensure this, the Dservice has four core modules. They are The pricing module, Anti-fraud module, Profile rating module and Dispatching module. The consensus algorithm adopted by the GSE network is the DPos(Delegated proof of stake). The Dpos among many other distinguished functions (when compared to other existing consensus algorithms) it offers members of the GSE network an opportunity to shape the future of the network through their votes


The major issues that this project intends to quickly address are those limiting the development of the global sharing economy. Some of which incorporate the trust gap, high intermediary costs, a fragmented and monopolistic landscape and the absence of hazard alleviation.


🔹GSENetwork have put in place DService which will provide robust service distention of infrastructures that will back economy sharing business up. This platform has woven the DService ( decentralized service) layer to architectural set up of GSEnetwork. This DService will help in the dispatching of order, building of system that will prevent fraud, creation of system which is multi dimensional that will rate the profiles of users and a price enhancing system.

🔹This platform has an inbuilt mechanism for usage which helps to allow for transactions that are on-chain. With this mechanism in place, participant in GSENetwork shall be rewarded for all valid and transactions that are successful.

🔹Inability to mitigate risk, landscapes that are fragmented, and the problem of monopoly are other dilemmas that are identified and solved in this new platform

🔹Enjoyable benefits of making GSENetwork your economic sharing platform.

🔹This platform is going to adopt a transparent, secure and save network that is powered by technology of blockchain.

🔹Lack of efficient interaction between the customers and various entities involved in economic sharing. Customers and economic sharing platform are not able to have an efficient interaction as a result of trust. Once trust is not established between a client and customer it will be very difficult to transact under such atmosphere.


Token Symbol: GSE Token
Total Supply: 100 Billion GSE
Minimum Unit: 0.0001GSE
Token is already being traded at exchange

The GSE Token is form of digital currency used in the GSENetwork, the token is useful for every transactions done in this system. This token will soon be sponsored by the Hash wallet system. Users can therefore get this token by joining treasure competition or by opening a treasure box in the system. The GSE token is already listed on some exchanges like , Bit-Z and FCOIN.


The еntіrе vоlumе of GSE shall bе 100 billion, wіth 0.0001GSE аѕ thе mаxіmum unit, which are:

• 40 percent оf GSE wіll be set аѕіdе tоwаrdѕ ecosystem buіldіng ѕuсh аѕ green-mining, strategic partnerships, ecosystem іnсеntіvеѕ еtс.

• 20 реrсеnt of GSE will be аllосаtеd to thе fоundаtіоn іn order tо provide support fоr соmmunіtу operations

• 20 percent оf GSE wіll be rеlеаѕеd to private іnvеѕtоrѕ

• 15 реrсеnt оf GSE wіll bе allocated tо the team

• 5 реrсеnt of GSE will bе аllосаtеd tо the аdvіѕоrѕ

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