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ALIGATO COIN: A New Dimension Of E-Commerce

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Blockchain technology has the ability to solve lots of problems that not just the e-commerce industry is battling with on different levels of its performance. It has often been proved that the currently functioning e-commerce business model is not adequate, and the lack of its evolution may have negative consequences for all participants of this market all over the earth.

ALIGATO has come to provide solution to improve the e-commerce system and also make it better. The Aligato foundation platform 2.0 on top blockchain technology ensure safety, stability, and transparency at a level impossible by the solution available so far.

Aligato has come up with an Eye payment system that operates through ordinary cameras in smartphones or computers, these method will protect and strengthen the security system for buyers. This artificial intelligence will encourage shopping, searching for items and any interaction in the platform, also Aligato independent drones automate the final stage of product delivery to customers.

Executing an inside and out investigation of Artificial Intelligence will enable the platform to guarantee the client's accommodation and most extreme time reserve funds. The framework will encourage both the business procedure and the buy procedure. It will recollect the desires of the customers and alter the offers to their individual needs. It additionally distributes deals offers and sales


• AligatoCoin will be utilizing of all system of payment and techniques accessible today which will offer purchasers the chance to buy goods and pay fees and commissions utilizing the most well known cryptocurrencies and AligatoCoin, the Aligato internal token. 

• AligatoCoin platform will ensure the user much lower expenses of utilizing and managing the website

• It will likewise enable you to discover products more correctly meeting the requirements of the users, and finding a similar item with another supplier at a lower price. 

• Using blockchain to record data. The data record will fundamentally decrease the quantity of procedures and stop the need of repeating them over and over. It will likewise lessen data duplication and take out the danger of loss of data. 

• Aligato user's sensitive data security will be highly redesigned. Better mutual confirmation of both sellers and buyers will decrease the dangers related with transactions, and the protection given by blockchain innovation will lessen the danger of burglary of individual and monetary data of Aligato users. 

• Suppliers will have the capacity to verify whether the detail of the products they created is effectively presented by those selling. 

• Tracking the supply chain is empowered to check whether updated and genuine information about inventory levels of suppliers and dealers will enable purchasers to get dependable information. 


Name of Token = AligatoCoin
Symbol = ALC
Platform = Ethereum (ERC20)
The amount of all tokens = 100 000 000 ALC
Soft Cap = 1 000 000 ALC
Goal = 35 000 000 ALC
Hard Cap = 70 000 000 ALC
KYC = Yes

For more information about the project,check the links below: 

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Written By: chacha1000

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