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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Internet has become a vital part of human life. With change of technologies and techniques, there is always a scope of improvement in internet services.

Speed is also the biggest concern for users in today’s time. You never know when your connection gets struck or slow down while doing work over the internet. Besides that, expensive data packages, after sales service and generic servers are also listed in the current hot problems with the internet service providers. Many of them misguide the users by putting misleading advertisements and unfair policies.
Day by day, the number of internet users is rising but still many providers fail to adapt latest technologies in their system to make high speed connection round the clock a reality. platform will integrate a custom anti-malware and ad-blocking solution that will be made available to end users, so they can enjoy a better experience on all websites. Mass adoption of this solution also has the benefit of putting pressure on website operators to use our system making it more popular and robust.


The financial rewarding reason for website operators will be the verification of on the web, to be specific a number that evaluates the time spent by users on every website. In particular, everybody will profit by a promotion free, secure and private perusing knowledge. Likewise, the end users will have the capacity to rank every website based on their experience, by utilizing a voting system based on 1 to 5 stars. The stars will then be changed over based on an algorithmic formula in Trust Rating which will be a demonstrative of every website's quality, granted by its guests.


  • No Tracking : In the present interconnected society, companies embraced less transparent practices of internet tracking and conduct profiling. Exceptionally sensitive data, for example, financial and health records are frequently gathered, in this manner raising a myriad of security concerns. Our solution consolidates a tracking script blocker that will seriously disrupt the capacity to keep tracking progressively the client's action 

  • Antivirus Protection : The massive expansion of the Internet and the high level of connectivity prompt a comparable or considerably more dramatic rise in cyber-attacks going for social affair sensitive and secret data. A standout amongst the most noticeable method for bringing a cyber-assault is through the contaminated websites that normally contain hidden malware scripts. Our solution will ensure the end users utilizing a custom hostile to malware and advertisement blocking script that will safeguard their own information and improve their security. 

  • Ethereum Based : The solution utilizes standard ERC20 tokens from the Ethereum platform which guarantees full transparency and accountability, which means all transactions will be visible  on the public BlockChain. 

  • No Ads :  At this moment, the web users are paying to browse the internet, either through subscriptions or through less transparent fees, for example, digital advertising. In our imagined environment the web users will appreciate an advertisement free Internet, while the web operators will even now gain from financial rewards 

  • Speedier Browsing : People know that online ads are backing off their perusing speed, thus an expanding number of users are utilizing promotion blockers to navigate the internet quicker. Through our solution, end users will profit by the impacts as utilizing an advertisement blocker, while additionally getting a charge out of a more secure and private experience because of alternate highlights. Moreover, the web operators will in any case have the capacity to monetize their websites' content. 

  • Commercial Center : The website will have a full area dedicated to discovering every one of the spots where you can purchase utilizing an in-house created dealer system. Additionally, the commercial center will contain point by point data with respect to how different merchants can integrate our vendor system. Data with respect to worldwide gathering of partners will likewise be accessible. 

  • Browser Extensions : The solution accompanies extensions for all the significant desktop and versatile browsers and incorporates the promotion blocker, tracking script blocker, against malware and the web wallet. To finish everything, we will integrate a voting system through which will help curate the internet. 

  • Portable Application : There versatile applications will work as a wallet, promotion blocker, tracking script blocker and hostile to malware. The versatile applications will likewise contain an execution and battery time enhancer that will additionally enhance the perusing knowledge. 

  • Wallets : The wallets will take a shot at all major working systems and browsers. Cell phones and tablets will have one application for wallet, advertisement blocker, tracking script, against malware and desktop working system will likewise have dedicated application wallets.


Ticker: OIO

Token price at TGE: 1 OIO = $ 0.04

Softcap: $ 5,000,000

Hardcap: $ 50,000,000


Maximum token volume (including bonus): 2,500,000,000 OIO

Unsold token will be burned

There will only be a one-time Token Generation Event (TGE)

Start pre-sale: June 15, 2018

Start public-sale: July 10, 2018

TGE ends: July 31, 2018

Tokens will be distributed according to the following percentages:

70% OIO Community (TGE)

15% Company

10% Marketing

5% Advisor

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Article Written by: chacha1000
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Writer's Telegram Username: @chacha9

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