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Unique Love (Last Episode )

Saturday, 30 June 2018


She couldn’t believe she has come to love him this much,watching him leave is like watching her soul leave her body and somewhere inside her she knew that’s gonna be their last time together,she burst into tears and someone came to console her and remind her the purpose of their sacrifice.

She got ahold of herself and made for one of the phones,she puts a call to her dad to know where they reach hoping they’re already around but was disappointed when he told her they’re still 1hr away from there and pleaded to them to scramble to somewhere safe.After the call they started hearing clashes of machetes outside,they knew at once that its time for them to move.

They all gathered together to say a brief prayer and made their way through the door,they walk briskly to the main entrance and stepped out,they saw two of the thugs dead and the guys are struggling with the remaining two thugs who are hefty in structure,the guys already sustain injuries,Frankkay was stabbed in the shoulder while Enenn was stabbed in the left side of his Tommy and he’s down due to body weakness.

Seeing that Enenn is down,one of the thugs(the one facing Enenn b4) made to stab Frankkay from the back but Enenn was too fast as he got up and put his body on the way,he was stabbed on the right side of his chest and he use the opportunity to stab the thug on the neck as they both went down.Seeing this she burst into tears..
“NO” she shouted and Made to run to him but was pulled back by Frankkay’s strong hands.

Enenn turned his head to her direction and looked at her as he smiled sadly before breathing his last,just then the police arrived and after about a hour everything was settled and the remaining thug were caught with their leader..
She has been a shadow of herself for the past few years and had nightmares about him every night,that scene just didn’t leave her mind even when her father sent her abroad to go study there.She went into numerous relationship in a bid to forget about him but all her efforts were in vain,she find it hard to love someone else apart from him.

In few hours time she’ll touchdown in Nigeria where all those memories are waiting for her at the airport,she had made calls to FranKkay to come pick her at the airport inorder to be consoled by him when she gets too emotional and started shedding tears.

Like she expected,Frankkay was already waiting for her at the airport with his beautiful wife,sighting him,she ran up to him and hug him tightly almost choking him to death,she started crying and as usual he consoled her,
“so,you’re still a cry baby.” she heard the unmistakable voice of her bestfriend Tonia who turnout to be Frankkay’s wife,she hugged her and they got talking while they head home.

She dress casually like she always do when she’s heading to no where in particular,when she wants to go cool her head off but today is different because she has a destination and that’s Enenn’s family house,her plan is to go there and wait for a couple of minutes to watch his sister or mother from afar.

Few hours later
She’s already at their house after asking from people around,the house is just as Enenn once described to her just that they’ve repainted it and it looks like new.Just as she expected she saw Rofiyat(Enenn’s Y.sister) outside with his mother gisting and smiling at intervals like nothing ever happened in the past,tears started rolling down he cheeks.

She wish she could just move on like they had done but she can’t,though she’s sad at thesame time she’s glad they’re living happily,she made to enter her car when she think she’s look at them enough,then she heard a voice from behind..
“Hello miss,are you looking for someone?’ The sweet male voice asked the second time when he got no reply at first..
She turn to look at the person,lo and behold he is the man that’s been giving her nightmares,the person she wanted to forget so badly ENENN smiling at her.
“Hello Love” Enenn said as he lock her into an embrace.


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