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Unique Love (Episode 8)

Saturday, 30 June 2018


He got to the veranda while frankkay followed suit with cutlass at hand,they knew most of the guards will be outside while the rest would be inside the butchering room and with the look of things and the silence it seems those with guns aren’t around,maybe they went for human hunting making it 8 thugs left to take care of.

As they approach the butchering room,his mind drifted to the two thugs he vow to cut off their manhood and he’s sure gonna do it.He peeked through a hole on the door and he counted the thugs in there to be four,they need a strategy cos they can’t just go in there unless they’re ready to go 6ft.

They knock on the door and quickly stepped to where the door will be opened to,two thugs came out thinking its their colleagues who wanted to take their shift forgetting to check the time,they were welcomed by Cutlass on their necks,their head flying off to the ground.The others sensing danger too ran out forgetting their cutlass in the course met their ends as they thrusted daggers into their Tommy,they covered their mouths,thanks to their stature and strengths,they snapped their necks.

They dragged their bodies silently to one of the room,those outside didn’t sense anything,they went back to meet the others but not after cutting off two of those thugs manhoods.They meet the others,some are looking sober while some have the looks of hope in their eyes and some are still trying to reach home.
“any development guys?” Frankkay said immediately they entered..

“I was able to contact home and made the police trace this place,they’re already on their way.”

“where do they say we are.” Enenn asked hoping they’re not far from home..

“one forest in xyz city” promise said..

“blood of Valentino” they all shouted..Enenn quickly whispered something to Frankkay who nodded in the affirmative..

“ok guys calm down..we were only able to take four thugs out,four of them are still outside while I think the remaining five with guns are their human hunting mission.”

“what are you trying to say?” promise asked sensing danger..

“what we’re trying to say is we are going to attack them head on to distract them while you guys get out of this building as soon as possible,if they found out what has happened they will contact those with guns and you know what will happen if they should do that.” Enenn explained as much as he could..

“you realise that’s suicide right?” one of them asked..

“you just need to do as he said.” Frankkay said ignoring the question..

“no,you can’t do that.” promise said as tears roll down her cheek,staring directly into Enenn’s eyes..

Enenn knew what she’s trying to do but he’s not gonna change his mind,as long as she’s save and sound he’s ready to give up his life for them,that’s the decision he has already made and he’s not going back.He grab her hand and took her to one corner while Frankkay kept on addressing and convincing the others.

“hmmm,this might not be the best situation for us but I’ll like to use this opportunity which might be my last with you to tell you that I Love You so much and will do anything to make you save even if it means death.” Enenn said immediately they get to the corner..

“don’t go please,you mean everything to me and I’ll die if anything happens to you.” promise said crying..

“shh..I know,I’ll be save” he said as he brought his lips down to hers…His mind drifted away from their worries for the meantime but deep down he knew that’s their first and last kiSs..

He reluctantly disengaged from her and stare into her eyes with hope for awhile before he made his way to the door where Frankkay is already waiting for him with a sad smile on his face,they head out,he could feel her eyes on him as he went out..

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