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Unique Love (Episode 7)

Saturday, 30 June 2018


It sounded like a bomb to her,what kind of situation is this,though she’s not a virgin,a result of silly drinking competition she had with some friends few months back,where she was raped by an unknown guy,she wept seriously at that time and she had forgotten about it but vow never to have s-x with anybody until she find someone who she’s willing to give her body to.

Although she’ll be glad to give Enenn her body due to the attraction she felt for him(likeness),she doesn’t think it could be in this type of situation.’God what kind of situation is this’ she thought.
One glance at Enenn’s face says it all,he doesn’t seems to like the idea too and she could feel There’s more to it but that isn’t the matter right now.
“isn’t there any other way?” he asked concerned,he seems to be really worried about her.

“no other way as long as There’s no medical treatment around” frankkay said..

“ok..” Enenn shrugged looking at her face to know her reaction..

She’s really confused herself,she couldn’t stop shivering for a second and her body is getting colder by the minutes,even if they’re to do anything,not in here,just not in here,though others are oblivious of them cos everybody is occupied by their worries,they just can’t risk it.

She look at Enenn with a confused expression and then moved her gaze to frankkay,he seems less concerned about the decision they’re about to make,she couldn’t blame him,when he’s not gonna take any part in it.
“can we wait for a while,as in delay the warm thing for awhile to see if she’ll get better?” she heard Enenn asked frankkay..

“the choice is yours,but if its getting out of hand you’ll have to do it.” frankkay said..

“sure.” Enenn replied heaving a sigh of relief..Frankkay excused himself and move to the other end to strike a conversation with one lady.’choi,you still dey woo girl for this kind situation.’ She thought..
“thanks for everything.” she said to Enenn after some moment of silence..

“its nothing..How you feeling?” he asked with a concerned gaze..

“not getting any better.” she said still shivering badly..

“here,come here” he said drawing her closer to his body,she rested her head on his chest and she focused,allowing herself to feel the warmth of his body.

He could feel her body started to relax as she rest on him,she’s falling asleep and her body temperature is going back to normal,his warmth is doing a great job.He’s mind drifted to why the s-x thing didn’t sound well to him,in fact he didn’t seem comfortable with anything s-x though he knew one he’ll sure do it but that’ll be after he forgets what his ex-girlfriend’s mother did to him few months back.SHE RAPED HIM !

On a beautiful Wednesday morning,it was during the holidays,he decided to go visit his (ex)girlfriend after so much pleas from the girl and threatening to end the relationship if he didn’t visit her home,so he’s got no choice than to succumb to her demand.He dressed casually(his lifestyle) and headed straight to her house which is 30minutes away from his,he called her to inform her of his plans and she said she’s waiting for him.

On getting there,he met only her mother at home,he felt he’s journey was a waste of time and was kinda angry but later forgave her when the woman begged him,saying she was who send her on an errand just few minutes before he arrived,well what could he do,a parent’s wish is your command.

She ushered him in and told him to wait for her,he wasn’t comfortable with the way the woman was staring at him but he kept quiet thinking he’s just being insecure.She offered him something to drink which he declined politely but aCcepted after much persuasion from her.He didn’t even drink half of the thing when he started feeling sleepy,few minutes later he’s already asleep and the rest,you can imagine.
Though he didn’t have anything against his ex,he had no choice than to end the relationship between them,the girl who knew what happened because she caught her mother in the act,raping him while he’s passed out didn’t have any choice but to respect his decision,though they still stay as friends.

He come out of his trance and found promise soundly asleep,he couldn’t help but notice her beautiful innocent face as she sleep,her lips screaming to him to kiss them,just merely looking at her is doing things to him.He sighed and rest his back against the wall and closed his eyes..’tomorrow is another day’ he said..

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