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Unique Love (Episode 6)

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Seeing that she has fainted sent him into another rage of anger,the more he think of it the more his eyes turned red with fury,but what could he do,his hands are tied like that of a prisoner and even if they’re freed,There’s nothing he could still do as he’s no match for these men..’well let’s look at the turn out of things’ he thought calming down.

“hey…wake up” he said using his hand to hit her slightly due to the way they are being tied up,she needed to wake up as to not face the wrath of the mean guys,if they are to come and find her like that,they wouldn’t waste time in using her as their pleasure tool for the day.

Funny enough,the more his hands touch her bare skin(her hands),the more he wanted to keeping feeling its smoothness and softness.His mind drifted to a land of fantasy,which he’s never done before,he quickly cautioned himself from such thing and focus on her.

He puts more pressure on her and after awhile,she stir and cough,he heave a sigh of relief knowing that she’s regain consciousness but he could still feel her shivering.
“what happened?” she asked..

“nothing much…guess the rain is kinda harsh on you” he replied and she sighed then relaxed a bit…

The thugs came to untie them and took them back to the den,and as usual they took two females along when going back to the horror of them all,well,that’s expected as they’ve been told to use them for pleasure as much as they wanted.As soon as they entered,he held her by the waist and help her to one corner(he’s usual spot),he can’t help but feel helpless as she kept shivering and he couldn’t do anything,he fought the urge to remove his cloth and wrap it around her shoulder but he’s not wearing anything underneath,he wish he had wore a Singlet that day.

Looked up and sported the guy he wanted to converse with the other day,he beckoned on him to come,using his hand,they got talking and later knew the guy’s name to be frankkay,all this while,he’s sitting by her side with their fingers interlocking.
Frankkay is a handsome guy with the body that look like that of a person who workout a lot,he’s a 300level student of xyz university,studying agricultural science.

Frankkay noticed her shivering nonstop and he inquired from Enenn what’s wrong with her,he explained everything to him..
“hmm” frankkay started..”this is serious if I may say,her body is not reacting well to the coldness and she needs medical attention.”

“this people wouldn’t take her to a doctor,they’ll just molest her.” Enenn said looking sad..

“you’re right..then that leaves us with only one option,but I don’t think its a good idea and she might not want to do it.” frankkay said looking at her face to see her reaction..

“what’s it?…let’s hear first.” Enenn said hopefully..

“she’ll need the warmness of a guy” he said and they both looked at him confused..he cleared his throat and explain further..”what I mean is..she’ll need to have s-x with a guy.”

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