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Unique Love (Episode 5)

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The coldness of the rain


He was surprise to hear her greet him,though he’s happy she did,he just can’t show it,actually not that he felt something for her,its just that he loves making friends especially female ones,so you see.

Her name is kinda interesting,promise is an important word in the universe,after few minutes of silence between them,he wondered what’s going through her mind while at thesame time figuring out how to kill the silence,he was about to say something when she asked a question..
“what do you say?” he asked because he didn’t hear her clearly..

“tell me about yourself..” she said

“uh..nothing much to know” he started.. “am from an average family of 4,my dad,my mum,me and my kid a Ss3 student at xyz high school.” he concluded not knowing what more to say…

“ did you end up here?” she asked hoping he’s not offended by the question..

“well,I’ll just call it fate,am destined to be here so no need talking about that.” he said calmly

“am sorry,I shouldn’t have asked’ she said with regret

“oh,don’t feel bad pls,just don’t waNna talk about it”

“ok o”

“so,tell me about yourself too” he inquired

“nothing much to know at all” she started but was cut short by a loud sound,she looked up and saw the sky is cloudy and its a matter of minutes before a heavy rain descend on the earth surface,the thunder strikes again and she tensed immediately(she’s afraid of thunder or lightning).

‘why this time na’ she thought as the thunder cooled down but the cloud is getting darker and this scared her the more,being a rich kid,she’s afraid of many things and she never wish to come accross this things but this one happening now is unavoidable unless they come to untie them from this f-----g tree,but that’s not forthcoming.

Before she could say jack,a heavy rain started pouring from the sky,hitting them hard like strokes of cane and stinging like bees,she started sobbing quietly when its kinda unbearable,keeping her face down due to the quantity of water,with no hand to rub it off.

The coldness is too much for her as she started shivering,,her teeth slamming together forcefully,producing a sound like you’re gently knocking a door,she has never been in a rain once in her whole life talk more of staying too long in it and this is making her sick from within.

After what seems like forever,the rain finally stop but the coldness didn’t,she fought to stay conscious but couldn’t,she fainted almost Immediately.

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