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Unique Love (Episode 4)

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Introduction


The night was quite short because he fell asleep quickly,putting all his worries away till the following morning.The morning come slowly,he wakes up with new strength but what’s the use of the strength if not to endure the torture they’re gonna receive.Though they’ve spent little morethan 12hrs there,it looks like 12minutes to him.

He stood up to check if anyone is awake too and was surprised to see morethan half of them wide awake including that arrogant daddy’s pet of a lady too.’shey this people even sleep sef.” he thought to himself as he made his way to the door to check for movement outside but as he was about to reach there,the door swung open and almost hit him,only few inches remain make e jam him,thanks to the fact that he’s walking slowly.

The two hefty thugs of the previous day entered dragging the two ladies they took with them and throw them to the floor while some kidnappees quickly move towards them to check them.The two ladies look like they just came out of a lions cave but the difference is that this is no lion’s cave but a rape cave,they look rough and bruises covered their body while they cry silently,they have been brutally raped by those animals.

Looking at the two ladies sent anger through his body,every blood vessels in his body is flowing of anger instead of blood,he nearly burst of range as his eyes turn red like some who just finish inhaling cocaine,they’re blooshed that they hurt and hot tears rolls down gently his cheek but he couldn’t do anything to those b------s,not just yet,he wish he could just grab their manhood and cut it and feed it to the dogs.

He move to the corner where he slept,that place as been his sitting place since yesterday,he look as the two thugs leave the den after telling them they have 20mins before they come to take them to the negotiation ground where they’ll be tied down like goats. ‘I’ll make sure to cut off their penis after this.’ He thought to himself.

She can vow that she has never seen eyes that red before,she couldn’t believe that he’s actually crying after seeing those ladies like that and that makes her want to know him more but she knows better to keep her distance at this time inorder to avoid his wrath though she occasionally glance at him.

She divert her attention to the ladies,herself and some other ladies tend to their bruises by using their clothes to clean it and consoling them at thesame time,everybody with their own thoughts,hmmm,she wondered how painful it was for them with what they pass through. ‘what if I’m next’ she thought but quickly kick the thought out of her mind.

They’re already tied to a tree,two persons one tree,a male and a female to be precise and luckily for her she’s tied to thesame tree with the guy but unfortunately backing eachother though she never mind,she just want to make peace with him and get to know him more.

She used her hands to brush his inorder to get his attention and it worked.
“hi” she said not knowing what to say..’why can’t I rehearse before sef..I’m too dumb’ she thought as she wait for his reply.

“what?” he asked with anger in his voice..

“uh..I..I..” she stammered not knowing what to say,choi she wish her hands are free so she can hit head with them maybe they’ll help her get the words out of her brain.

“your tongue don cut?..”he said with sarcasm and scoffed while she felt foolish but determine not to back off..

“I’m so sorry with the way I acted yesterday,I was not my self and freaked out to find myself in this situation..” she said with all the strength she could mutter while she bow her head like a vampire bowing to his master..

“hmm,ok and am also sorry for flaring up too..” he said sighing,she almost jump up in joy..

“Am Promise by the way..You?”

“Enenn..and you’ve got a beautiful name”

“thanks” she said and blushed..

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