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Unique Love (Episode 3)

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Purpose


He’s really pissed by this lady,she’s so full of herself like she own the whole world,gosh where did this people even kidnap her from,she’s not going to last long here before they take her away to wherever they’ll take them because of this her attitude and he’s sure the person that will by her body part will just waste money cos this kin girl can’t po owo like the Yorubas use to say,he hates daddy’s pets.

He stood up and walks toward the door to check if its lock and its not a surprise that it is,he see different people waking up also,it seems they take all of them from different places accross the states.Within the next few minutes he heard muffles and cries from other victims there,most especially females.”weytin dey do this people sef.”he said to himself..

It kinda of baffles why he isn’t that much afraid like others are,maybe because he’s someone who doesn’t take any situation too serious,be it good or bad situations,he believe in his ability to think fast when he got the chance and I think that’s what’s gonna help him out here but how?.

He saw a guy who’s face is expressionless,yea,that’s the kind of people he’ll like to roll with.He walk towards the guy in a bid to start a conversation with him,as he was about to speak he heard a sound coming from the door and the door swung open revealing a hefty guy,the guy entered and another person who look like the boss followed suite.

The boss scan through the room like he’s searching for someone or something.Done with his scanning,he clear his throat before talking..

“Goodday everyone” he said with a straight face,he pause then continued..”I bet you don’t even know what time it is.” he check his wristwatch in a mocking way with a wicked smirk on his face,squinting his eyes like someone with an eye problem or some sort before he continue his speech…
“the time is 8:15PM already,well you haven’t use up to a 24hrs yet and you’ve started stressing your tear gland,you better save your strength cos none of you is leaving her alive.” he said while the girls started from where they stopped,crying like no tomorrow for them.

“shey I no talk ham,let’s wait and see sha”he thought to himself..

“shut up!” one of the hefty men shouted..

“eh,no need to shout at them,if they like they should cry blood,they’re dead meats..The purpose of bringing you here or lemme say camping you here is that you’ll all be sold to fetish priest in need of a whole human being or just human part and mind you,all the slaughtering and will be done here so don’t even think you can escape…You’re in the middle of nowhere.” he concluded and was about to leave when he remembered something..
“ehn ehn,let’s I forget,we’ll be tying you all to a tree every morning till afternoon and you girls your p---y will be use as a c-m pit by my bois..Goodday” he said and left,leaving the two hefty men who have a wicked smile on their faces.

Licking their lips as the walk round scrutinizing the females with the eyes and hands pressing their boobs and butts to check the quantity,using the manhood to grope their arse occasionally.This is getting on his nerve but weytin he fit do unless dem don dig his grave already,finally the b------s go away with to ladies with big butt and average boobs.

“d--n,f-----g b------s” he shouted angrily the moment they closed the door..

She’s no herself anymore not with what she heard that man said,she wished she hadn’t act harsh towards that guy,he was saying the truth and trying to care for her even when he knows they aren’t leaving there alive,gosh.Those b------s didn’t help matter atall with the groping and pressing,when last she checked no man has ever touched her before,the worst that could ever happened is when she gives a friendly hug and that’s it nothing more.

She cuddled up to one corner,looking at others with everybody with their thoughts.She wondered what will happen to those ladies,what they’ll be going through at the moment will be very painful and perhaps cause an unforgettable trauma.

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