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Unique Love (Episode 2)

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


He opened his eyes slowly adjusting to his surrounding,if There’s one thing he didn’t wish for,its the headache that accompanied him to the world of the living.Its seems the jazz did two things to him,one was wipe his memory for sometimes and two was send him to the state of unconsciousness.

He sat up slowly to find himself in a partially dark room,dark red bob illuminated the room or should I say den which makes it more scary.He sits leaning his back to the wall to have a better look at the room,There’s no window and the door is short that a you’ll have to bend your back before you enter,the wall is painted white but splashed white blood,that sight alone sent cold shiver down his spine.

His school uniform is dirty already,mehn how e go take wash it now(oluya,e dey inside den dey think of school),the room smells like blood and sweats,gosh his stomach started turning and he almost fainted.

After scanning and his number six processed the data and give him the result that he’s been kidnapped for either ritual or by men butchers,those thought alone sent fear to his body.He makes the attempt of standing with the help of his hands but felt his hand touching something fresh like a flesh.”mehn I don suffer,they even put human parts too here” he thought.

She felt a hand touch her and she open her eyes slowly to find a young guy staring down at her in the dim lighted room,she quickly sat up to scan her environment and was immediately freaked out by what she saw,she lean against the wall and cuddled her knees to he chest in fear.

She didn’t know what to think or say,any thought will just scare her more,unwanted tears started trickling down her eyes as she remember her dad and her friends in school.”What will happen to her now,what type of condition will her father be in right now.” those questions pop up in her head.

She was so lost in her trance that she didn’t know when the guy’s face is few inches away from hers,he stare at her with concern boldly written on his face for few minutes and he finally say something.
“are you alright?” he asked startling her..

“does it look like am alright?” she snapped in anger surprising him..

“well just trying to be friendly.” he shrugged..

“who asked for your friendship?”

“keep to yourself then..and mind you,keep your strength cos I don’t think you’re leaving here anytime soon” he said a little bit irritated.

“shut up!…my dad will get me out of here soon.”she shouted..

“tsk,daddy’s kid I guess” he smirked wondering what’s wrong with her when he just want to make friend before they come cut his head..

“just keep your distance your fool.” she said rudely,oh I forgot to tell you she’s kinda arrogant and can be rude sometimes.

“huh,you think I’ll rape you or something?..I wonder how you’ll last long her with this your attitude.” he said mockingly..

She got more angrier with his last statement but decided not to reply him anymore,she stand up and walk around the room and was surprise to find out that there are more people in the room with them still passed out.

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