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Unique Love (Episode 1)

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

He’s a 18yrs old boy of xyz high school,he’s eighteen but has a body of a person older than his age,a broad chest with nice abs,brown eyes like mine *wink*,nice face with blonde air and dark in complexion,an average beauty not too handsome and not ugly either.

He’s from an average family of Mr and Mrs Enitan,the first born and he has a younger sister Rofiyat of 14yrs old,he’s loved by all due to his kind gestures toward people and the person he loves most as at now is his sister Rofiyat,though that girl can be annoying sometimes,she’s equally easy to deal with and she loves her brother too.

Today is his first day in SS3 and equally first day of resumption and it was fun filled,getting to meet his old friends and all that.On a normal day he’d have leave the school at thesame time with other students but decided to wait till school is empty before going home(guess that was his mistake).

He hits the road as soon as he notice There’s nobody left in school,due to fear of the unknown he decided against passing the bush part he’s used to and choose to go through the long journey of the main road that’s gonna take him up to 30minutes to get home instead of the usual 20minutes he’s also used to,well na exercise he wan do(another mistake).

20minutes on the road(wey he suppose don reach house),a car come to a halt beside and the driver blare his horn to get his attention,the passenger sitting beside the drive beckon on him to come which he did after scrutinizing them quickly with his eyes and their faces does not look like that of people who can harm someone(dem dey write ahm for head?).

They asked him for a particular direction which he unfortunately knows,he use his hands to describe to them how they’ll go about it,the moment he take his eyes of them pointing to the tarred road ahead,he felt a hand grab his wrist and that was the last thing he could remember.(lol…juju at work)

A lady of 20yrs of age,light in complexion,oval face,turquoise blue eyes,pink lips like mine *wink*,average boobs,killer curve with big butt,just beautiful.

She’s the first and only daughter of Mr. Badmus,a business mogul in the city,her mother is late but her father didn’t marry another wife because of the love he has for her mother and she almost lack nothing.A 100level student of xyz university,studying mass communication and she love talking a lot,from one topic to another without resting.

She need some money for her upkeep because she already spent all the money with her and the ones in her account,her father said he’ll send it to her but she insists on coming home with the excuse that she misses her father and will like to see him(mistake).Her father said to send the driver to come pick her up from school but she declined saying she knows her way home(another mistake).

She took off from school at 3PM with the mind set of getting home by 4:30PM,she called her father to inform him to which he look forward to her arrival.She’s gonna board two buses,first one will take 1hr while the second one will take 30mins.

She boarded the first bus and arrive at the bus stop at 4:00PM,she boarded the second bus and 15mins to their journey some people attacked them giving them the impression of armed robbers but they are actually (everybodynappers).They were drugged and taken to an unknown location.

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