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Painful Pleasure (Last Episode )

Monday, 25 June 2018

I was really surprised when i saw the result. I scored ’11’,
while Moji had ’26’. That was the first test result. Moji has
shown to be a guru by having the highest score in the
department. The scores were bad generally, but 11 is rather
on the extreme side. I went to my hostel really sad. I didn’t
even know how I was going to face Moji. I wrote post utme
thrice to gain admission, but then I failed chemistry test. I’m
not really surprised that I failed the test, since I’ve only
preoccupied myself with emotional issues from Aramide, to
Sandra to Moji. I didn’t tell any of my roommates about my
result since results are always confidential. I just kept calm,
as I was deeply thinking about the whole thing. At first, I
thought of breaking up with Moji, but I can’t just afford to do

I saw Moji, she had seen the result already. “It’s fine dear”.
Moji said to me. She really encouraged me. I just told Moji
how weak I was academically, and Moji became another
Aramide for me except for the prayer part. We started
reading, preparing very hard for other tests and the exams. I
really gained a lot from Moji. She taught me all the topics I
found difficult in Chemistry and Physics. She taught me
shortcuts of knowing the tough names in zoology. Moji and I
were dating, quite alright, but all she did was to shield me
and help me to become better academically. Aramide is
totally gone, I see her sometimes, but we just wave at each
other. As for Sandra, after I paid her money, she left me for
good. I believe she got herself a new ‘machine’. Since there
were more guys than girls in OAU. Moji was my ‘Aramide’,
she became just like Aramide was then. In fact better than

My relationship with my roommates suffered. I was always
going to read. I was so scared, I didn’t want to carry any
course. Moji is really brilliant, and as the Man, I needed to
live up to expectations, by doing well academically also. I
became sure of myself. I was really ready to face all the
exams. To cut the long story short, we wrote all the Exams
and we were expecting results. The results came and it was
as expected. Except for Chemistry and Physics, where I had
53C and 55C respectively, all other subjects were A’s and B’s.
My result was quite good to me, but it’s nowhere near my
Moji’s result that has A’s except a ‘B’ in Zoology where she
had a C.
It was Part two. Moji and I rented two different apartments
in town. (Don’t bother to ask who paid). It was in the same
area. My place was just a stone throw from hers. We were
always visiting each other regularly. There was a day she
came to my place, I kissed her, then I tried to touch her. She
refused. “Not until after our wedding”. She said. I quickly
apologised to her and promised never to try such again. To
be sincere, at that point, I kind of missed Sandra. It really
made me stronger. I was once a weak-willed person, but
dating Moji made me have a stronger will.
Moji is a Christian too, she goes to church only on Sundays, I
decided to join her. We started going to her church. We
made church ‘Sunday-Sunday-Tablet’. And our lives were
going great. My academic life was going smoothly. I studied
really hard. Although, Moji is always having better grades
than me. I did all these for the remaining three years.
Soon, Moji and I defended our projects and graduated. Moji
was one of the three people that graduated with a first class
in our department, and had the second best GP. I just
maintained my ‘2.1’ (Second class upper) honours. Luckily
for us, we were both posted to Lagos for service.

My mum was really happy. She blessed me, and you know,
what else can be expected of her than the ‘get a job and get
a wife’ speech. “You know what, my son. You are in a very
delicate part of your life. There is something I’ve always
wanted to tell you, but I knew it wasn’t time yet. But now,
you are old enough to understand me.” She said to me.
“Alright mum. I answered her”. She started the talk. . . “Before you
react to what I’m about to tell you, think about what I’ve
done for you so far.” I didn’t understand what she was
saying so I voiced out. “Mummy, I don’t understand what
you are saying, but there is something I want you to know;
there is nothing you can tell me that can change the way I
see you. You’ve done a lot for me, and I appreciate all your
efforts, no matter what I give you maami, I can’t pay you
enough.” I said to her, pledging my allegiance. “Thank you
my son, I’m glad that is coming from you. I should have told
you this since you were much younger, but you were too
young to conceive it.” She said. I became quite anxious to
know what is so big that she had to use so much preamble.
She continued. “When I married Ayo (That was the name of
my father that died). We waited for so long, but we didn’t
have a child. Then, the doctor tested him, and said that he
was sterile. I love him so much, and I want to stay by him.
So I suggested that I should find a man, get pregnant for
him, and pay him off. So I met a man called ‘Akin’. Akin was
my child hood friend. And started an affair with him. My
husband pretended he knew nothing about it. After 2
months of the affair, I discovered that I was pregnant. I
stopped the affair, and the man left me for good. Since he
knew the intention. Dapo, you are that son.” My eyes were
filled with tears, they started rolling out. I couldn’t believe
that I had been a b-----d all the while. The name ‘Dapo
Omisakin’ is not actually my name. My mum continued.
“Please my son, don’t cry, I can’t afford not having a son. If
not that my husband died, I had thought I would never tell
you this. But right now, I have to. You are old enough to
know the truth.” She said to me.
I was devastated, I was really sad. “Who will I tell my story,
how will I explain it”. I said, crying. My mother was crying
also. For the first time, I was really angry with my mother.
“The only thing that can cause problem is if you don’t show
me my real father. I said with so much rage. “My son, the
man also died two years after your father died.” She
answered. I saw uncertainty in her eyes, but I didn’t want to
cause her tears. I knew it there and then that if I told her
that she was lying, it will only make her sad. Making my
mother sad was the last thing I wanted to do in life. So I just
let it go.
Moji and I served in Lagos. We spent almost a year, then we
finished the service. The night before we were coming back
to Ibadan, Moji came to my one room apartment, this time,
I really could not control myself. I told her about it.
Immediately after the youth service the next thing was to get
a job and get married. Moji allowed me. “You have really
tried,” she said. It was the first time with Moji, and Moji’s
first time in life (She was a virgin). I was really surprised that
she was a virgin, despite the fact that she came from a rich
family. My respect for her stepped up, and I was so glad I
had Moji in my life.

We came back to Ibadan, and Moji’s dad helped me to get a
Job in ‘Fuman’ juice company in Ibadan. My monthly salary
was 80,000 Naira, and I was quite comfortable with it. I
rented an apartment in Ibadan, and started living as a
bachelor. My life was going great. One day, Moji came to me
with a white envelope, as she looked quite sick to me. I
asked her. “what is wrong with you, why is your face like
this.” I said to her. “I was feeing symptoms in my body, so I
went to the hospital for checkup. They told me I’m six weeks
pregnant.” She answered. . .I took the envelope from her, and checked the contents.
Pregnancy test was positive. Moji felt somehow about the
pregnancy. But as for me, I was really excited. Moji is the
one I want to spend the rest of my life with, so there is no
issue if she gets pregnant for me. “Moji, there is no problem,
Okay? My mum will come and see your parents, and we will
plan our wedding. We should do it as soon as possible,
before you become heavy.” I encouraged her. Moji was as
happy as I was. We hugged each other. “Finally I’m going to
marry the woman of my dreams”. . .
I got home, and told my mum about the pregnancy. She
wasn’t really happy about it, but she didn’t talk much since
I’m no longer a child. Moji told her parents too, and a date
was picked for the introduction.

The day finally came, my mum, and few of my mum’s
extended family members went with us to Oluyole. Moji’s
Father’s house was an Edifice. It was a large impressive
building. My family members kept looking around in
surprise. The man is so rich.
We sat down, some people were already there, waiting for
us; the groom’s family. We sat, expecting the brides parent
to come and attend to us. Moji’s mother was the first to
come. She greeted everybody and went back inside. Moji
came out to see me. Her make up artiste had done a really
good job. Moji looked just like the angel that she is.
The event was going to start, then Moji’s Father came out.
“Akin!!!” My mum shouted. Everyone was looking at my mum
in surprise, including me. “Cecilia!!!” Moji’s father called my
mum’s middle name. I was really surprised that they know
each other so well. “This marriage can never happen!” My
mum shouted. I thought my mum had gone insane. She
faced Moji’s father. “Akin, you remember that pregnancy,
here is the boy!”. Pointing at me. It was then I remembered
the story my mum told me. “But she told me Akin was dead”.
She had lied to me. It was then it occurred to me, that Moji’s
father is also my father, and that Moji is my half-sister.
“Cecilia, you mean one of my children impregnated another,
and they are about to get married? I’m doomed. Where in
the world is that done? This marriage cannot happen.” Moji’s
father (my father) said.
Moji had been hearing the whole conversation. She came
out, covered in sweats. Her eyes filled with tears. “You mean
Dapo is my brother, and I’m carrying his baby?” Nobody
could alter a word. The situation was really critical. I was
crying bitterly where I was. Whether culture allows it or not,
I had determined that I was going to marry Moji.
Moji’s mum was crying too. She knew the time was not a
good time to blame anybody. She was just crying. One of my
family members shouted “Eemo re o”. Which means “This is
Moji ran into her room, her mum ran after her then I
followed. “Moji! Moji! Moji!” We were all shouting her name.
She didn’t answer us, she entered the room and locked the
door behind her. “Moji please open this door! Moji I love
you. Moji, nothing can come between us. Please just open
this door. I promise to take full responsibility for our child.
Please open this door”. All my efforts to plead with Moji
were in vain. People came to the door, as they pleaded with
her. Her mum had completely lost control.

We had no choice than to break the door. Some men took a
rod and after trying several times, the door finally got
opened. When we opened the door, we saw Moji’s body
lifeless on the floor with a knife in her stomach. She had
stabbed herself. She committed suicide. When I saw the
body, that was the last thing I could remember.
I opened my eyes then I saw my mum and her brother
beside me, I was in a hospital. My mum held my hands and
said to me “I’m sorry Dapo, Moji died, and the baby couldn’t
have survived it. I cried bitterly. I can remember vividly how
we were like brothers and sisters back then in school. I
remember vividly how she used to say that we are like
siblings and I hated it whenever she said that. “So Moji and I
are really siblings, now I have lost the love of my life. Oh
death! Where are thy strings! I just want to die. Please help
me tell the doctors to kill me.” I shouted so loud. My mum
was just pleading with me to calm down and forget about
the whole case.
Four weeks later, my mum also died of high blood pressure.
I decided never to love anyone again. And up till now that
I’m writing this, I am just alone. My Moji is dead. My mum is
gone. All I have is a father that showed up late in my life. He
is even the last person I want to see. The best times of my
life where the times I spent with Moji, but it later brought
me pain. At first, I was really happy and my life was going
great, but now it resulted in bitterness. It all became A

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