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Painful Pleasure (Episode 8)

Friday, 22 June 2018

“Block 2, Room 109, Bed no 9, Upper Bunk.” That was written
on my accommodation slip, meaning; that was the room
allocated to me, Awolowo Hall is so Big that i almost got lost,
looking for ‘Block 2’, but after questioning so many people, i
got to my room. That was when i met ‘Nigga Black’.
‘Nigga Black’, whose real name was Emmanuel was a part 3
student of psychology. Seriously, i have never seen someone
so dark. You cannot see him and not notice his ‘darkness’.
We call him other names like: Albino, Kiwi Ambassador,
Black Maria etc. But he was just dark on the outside, he had
a pure heart. So calm, so gentle, never offended and easy

‘Nigga Black’ took my load from me, and showed me to my
bedspace. I dropped my bed on it and carefully arranged all
my load in the cupboard that was assigned to me. It was
then that he started telling me stuffs about campus and
hostel. He told me the story of ‘Africa’, how he was
murdered in block 8. Fear gripped me, as he told me to calm
down, that the days of cultists where over in OAU.
So many other people started coming in, and here are my
room mates: Nigga Black, Mayowa (A part one student of
CPP), Matthew (A deeper life member, and a Direct Entry
student of Mechanical Engineering), Olu (Final year student
of accounting) Emeka (Final year student of Sociology) and
Abdul (Final year student of Agric Economics)
There were three bunks in the room, Nigga Black had been
in the room since the year before so he just stayed in the
room, squatting with us.

There was a party then called “Anglomoz Party”. (Anglomoz
is a place between Angola (A male hostel mainly for
freshers) , Awolowo and Mozambique Hall where people
(mostly boys and girls) meet to talk) It was organized by
Awolowo hall chairman for all fresh-men. So Mayowa
suggested that we attend the party, then i agreed since
lecture was yet to start. It was a night party
When we got to anglomoz, after we had stayed for about 5
minutes, enjoying the various activities, Someone just
covered my eyes with hands from the back. The last time i
did that ‘rubbish’ was when i was in primary 5. I didn’t know
what to say because i did not even know who it was, though i
have very sensitive sense of smell and i knew that perfume’s
smell was familiar. As i gently removed the hands, and
turned back to see who it was. . .
Who was it? It might not be who you think

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