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Painful Pleasure (Episode 38)

Monday, 25 June 2018

I started investigating, alongside Moji. We searched for
means through which we could prove her wrong, but there
is no other means of actually confirming, than getting close
to her. Moji wasn’t really comfortable with this idea. “Get
close to her? No way! What if in that process, you get her
really pregnant this time. I’m sorry, but it won’t be possible”.
Moji protested. I didn’t really understand why Moji was
acting that way. She had a boyfriend already, and she was
being overly protective over me. “I can assure you, nothing
will happen between us.” I said to Moji. “Promise me you
won’t have anything to do with her.” Moji said to me. “I
promise!” I answered her.
Moji agreed that I go to Sandra, Sandra had rented an
apartment already in town around an area called ‘Asherifa’.
So I went to meet her in her house. Getting the truth from
her won’t be a difficult task. After all, Sandra is a talkative. All
I have to do is engage in a long discussion with her. It will
only be a matter of time before she vomits the whole truth.
When I got to her house, she was too pretty for someone
who is really pregnant. At first that made me suspicious, but
I just kept my calm and sat on a chair in her room. . .
Sandra: I knew you will come. (Sending the message to me
with a seductive smile)

Me: Yes baby. I’m sorry I shouted at you the other day. It
wasn’t my doing. I just got uncontrollably angry.
Sandra: It’s all right. I know you didn’t mean all that. What do
I offer you?
Me: No I’m totally fine. (Thinking to myself) You think you
can drug me?
Sandra: So now that I’m pregnant for you, you need to come
here often, so you can perform your duties as an expectant
Me: And what are those duties?
Sandra: You sleep with me regularly. In order to ensure safe
Me: No, that’s not good for the baby. We shouldn’t do that.
Sandra: But that’s what my doctor said.
Me: Yes, I’ve been thinking that as the father of this baby, I
need to have a discussion with that doctor of yours, you
know I have to see him, so he can put me in line as regards
things to do, and things not to do as far as our baby is
Sandra: (stammering) ern ern ern no. Let’s just focus on
oiling me. (Coming close to me)
Me: (Restraining her) I’m not doing anything until I talk to
the doctor, and he says that it is safe for the baby. The baby
is not even up to two months. I don’t want anything to
happen to my baby. Without a qualified doctors advice, I’m
doing nothing.
Sandra: I understand what you are saying but. . .
Me: There are no. . . (I looked at my side, and saw a guys
shirt) What is this Sandra?
Sandra: (Being defensive) Its not Important it’s just. . . .
Me: (Cuts in) It’s just what? I can’t believe you are cheating
on me.
Sandra: I swear to God I’m not. It’s just a neighbour that
came here to rest yesterday. We are quite close. I swear
nothing is between us. (trying to convince me)
Me: How can I be so sure that you guys didn’t have s-x
Sandra: We couldn’t have had s-x, because yesterday I was
on my period.

Me: Alright. Alright. Alright I believe you.
I stayed there for some hours, she pressurized me to sleep
with her, but I didn’t fall for it this time. The promise I made
to Moji kept me going. I was so in control, as I had made a
firm decision not to do a thing with Sandra. “I think I have to
go now, I will see you later.” I said to her. Though her face
was gloomy, but I didn’t look at that for a second as I have
my own life to live. I left the place, and immediately I
entered campus, I gave Moji a call. Moji came to see me and
we started talking at Anglomoz. . .
Moji: How did it go?
Me: I didn’t find anything. But the girl is a s--t, I found a guys
shirt in her house. She told me she didn’t have s-x with him,
because the guy came yesterday, and she was on her period
then. She wanted me to have. . .
Moji: (Cuts in) Wait, what did you just say?
Me: She wanted me to have s-x. . .
Moji: (Cuts in again) No, not that, she was on her what?
Me: On her period.
Moji: I knew it!!!
Me: What’s that?
Moji: Women don’t menstruate, when they are pregnant.
This can only mean that she is lying about one of the two. It’s
either she is lying about her pregnancy, or lying about
sleeping with the guy with the shirt. Either way, we will use it
to our advantage. You will have to go there again, and tell
her you have phobia for pregnant women, and that’s why
you can’t have s-x with her. Just act the whole drama well,
and you will get the truth. . .

To cut the long story short, some days later, I went to
Sandra, I told her what Moji had taught me. “I really want to
do this, but I have phobia for pregnant women. I’m just here
talking to you because of the love I have for you.’ I said to
her.”Seriously? Owk, Dapo there is something I want to tell
you.” She said. “Okay, I’m all ears”. I answered. “Promise me
that you will stick to me, and give me what I want if I tell you
the truth”. She said. “Just tell me”. I answered. “Actually, I’m-
I’m- I’m not really pregnant”. She said. I got really excited,
but just kept playing along. “oh my God! I thought I was
going to be a father. I can’t wait for you to be the mother of
my children.” I said to her and planted a kiss on her lips to
make her tell me more. “I know, but getting pregnant now
will really affect our lives. Let’s just keep having fun. I can
only get pregnant. If I want to”. She said, trying to draw me
to herself. But I pushed her away to the bed. “You b-----d! I
never want to see you again. I will pay you your money and
it will be all over.” I got really angry. I stormed out of her
room with mixed feelings. Anger/Relief was the feeling. I
entered campus. Moji was already waiting at Anglomoz to
hear the report. . . .

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