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Painful Pleasure (Episode 37)

Monday, 25 June 2018

“No this can’t be. It just can’t be. What have I done? This is a
big mess.” I said it out loud that Moji heard me. “She took
the phone from me, and read the message. “That’s Sandra
right?” Moji asked me smiling. “Yes, that’s Sandra, and
besides this isn’t funny. Why exactly is that smile on your
face?” I was really nervous as I asked her the question. “I
knew she was going to do this”. Moji said with so much
assertiveness. “I don’t really get what you are saying. I really
don’t understand it.” I said to her. . .

Moji: Number one, that girl is a s--t, she has been in this
game for too long already. She can only get pregnant if she
wants to. If she is really pregnant, it will affect her studies
more than it will affect yours. So it won’t be wise of her to
get pregnant, and I doubt that she would. Number two, she
doesn’t want you to go, she wants to keep you to herself,
which means that she will do anything possible to hold you
to herself.
Me: So you think she is lying?
Moji: I don’t think she is lying, I know she is lying.
Me: What if we think she is lying, and it turns out that she is
telling the truth?
Moji: That is why we need to take the next step.
Me: The next step?
Moji: Yes, we have to prove that she is lying. I will take my
phone and search for tips on pregnancy. Then you go ahead
and investigate.
Me: She might be telling . . .
Moji: (cuts in) Are you ready to be a dad? If you are, tell me
so I can quit trying to help you. And if you are not, man up,
and let’s prove that idiot wrong.
Me: (fear was written all over me) seriously, I don’t know
what to do, I don’t know what my mum will do if she finds
out about this.

Moji: But Dapo, what came over you, how come you had
unprotected s-x with a girl like that? You could have
contacted an STD in the process. You need to go for check up
after sorting all this out.
Me: I won’t have STD in Jesus name. Moji, don’t wish me evil.
Moji: (Lowering her voice) God sees my heart that I want the
best for you. I just want you to know in case you have a
Me: Alright, let us solve this first before we even think of
that. . .
It was time for sociology class. The man said some things
about teenage pregnancy. What a coincidence that was. I
looked at Moji’s face to see her reaction. She didn’t even
look at me. Her eyes were so glued to the lecturer. We
finished the lecture, and went back to the hostel.
When I got to the room, That was around 3:30pm, Everyone
was in the room except Abdul and Matthew. Those two guys
are always reading like bookworms. As Emeka will always
tell them “Una wan carry first?” That means that University is
not about being the best student overall, it’s about having
good grades and graduating. That is just Emeka’s opinion
At first, when I saw Emeka and Olu in the room, I didn’t want
to talk about my issue with Sandra. But since those guys are
older and more experienced than me as far as the issue on
ground is concerned, I decided to seek their opinion. . .
Me: Guys, please I have a problem and I really need your
advice. I don’t know what to do.
Emeka: Watin dey do you self, you go just dey blow
grammar like say na house of rep we dey.
Olu: Leave am, make hin dey show hinself.
Mayowa: Make una hear wetin hin wan talk naw, dis one
wey hin call meeting like say hin wan share will.
Me: Guys, this is serious.
Emeka: I no fit see rious pass the one wey I don see. Na the
problem wey you get make u tell me. Make I help you use
elderly man eye look am.
Me: Sandra texted me yesterday that she is pregnant.
Emeka: Na which kind talk be that one, if u wan turn basket
mouth wey dey crack joke, shey na this kind thing den dey
use do comedy? Guy abeg if na joke stop am.
Olu: If I hear say that girl get belle, girl wey don know her
way already. As you dey do her, she know wetin she go
chop, wetin she go drink wey go make belle run.
Mayowa: Wait self, that girl no look like person wey dey do
just one guy. When you slept with her, was she a virgin?
Me: Of course not.

Emeka: If that girl be virgin, it mean say my grandma self na
virgin. See my guy, no fear. That girl no fit get belle. The way
una dey talk am self, she no look like person wey get womb.
Your tin don sweet am for body, she no wan make u go. Na
why she dey lie that lie. Na so one girl do me for my area,
wey dey lie give me say she get belle. Na later I discover say
1 year don pass she no born. I con see say her belle self no
change. Just thank your star say this one no need your
money. She for use am collect your money well well.
Olu: Emeka, abeg joor, make we hear word. Na everything
don do you before. Dapo (Facing me) The way me dey look
am, dat girl no get belle o. She just wan spoil your life ni.
And I no wan make you gree for am.
Me: That is the same thing Moji said.
Mayowa: Are you crazy? You told Moji that Sandra is
Me: It’s not like that, she kind of discovered by taking my
phone to read the text.
My roommates said the same thing Moji said. Sandra was
just trying to tie me down. “Now I have some investigations
to do with Moji. I need to uncover her lies. She has to lose
this game once and for all”. I thought to myself. . .

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