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Painful Pleasure (Episode 35)

Monday, 25 June 2018

I was really surprised to hear that Moji had a boyfriend.
Before I knew it, my whole system was disorganized and my
lips were shaking. “So I have been wrong after all, Moji has
got no feelings for me”. I thought to myself. Moji noticed
that I wasn’t myself but didn’t alter a word. “You m-m-mea-n
you have a bo-bo-boyfriend?”I asked as I stammered. “Why
are you stammering? Why are you so surprised? I wasn’t this
surprised when I found out about Sandra.

Why are you
acting like a man whose wife is cheating on him? Moji
rushed me with the questions. I really had to compose and
be a man. “It’s nothing, I’m just surprised that you have a
boyfriend, and I know nothing about it. I couldn’t have
believed it.” I said to her acting as if everything is alright.
“Why should you be surprised that I have a boyfriend? Do I
look like a girl that a guy cannot be attracted to? Am I not
pretty enough?” She rushed me with questions again and I
was getting really nervous. I just had to keep calm. “Don’t get
me wrong, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying I’m surprised
you didn’t tell me.” I replied.
The whole thing had turned sour, “I can’t even tell Moji
about my feelings anymore. I have lost Moji, I’ve finally lost
her”. I thought to myself. . .
Moji: You don’t have to be surprised joor. Aren’t we like
brothers and sisters?
Me: (Answered quickly) Yeah sure, but as brothers and
sisters, you should have told me about your boyfriend
Moji: The same way you told me about Sandra? (Sarcasm)
Me: Sandra isn’t my girlfriend. If she is my girlfriend, I would
have introduced her to you. I’ve not introduced any girl to
you because I don’t have any other girl in my life. . .
Moji: Did you say another? You mean any other apart from
Me: No, don’t worry never mind. I’m just really nervous
about the whole Sandra issue, maybe that’s why I’m saying
Moji: You don’t have to be nervous, didn’t I tell you I’m here
for you? Aren’t we like siblings?
Me: Yeah

(I started hating the brother and sister thing. Each time she
said that, I got very angry.)
Moji: So just put your mind at rest.
Me: That’s by the way, tell me more about your boyfriend.
Moji: What do you want to know?
Me: Everything
Moji: His name is Harry, I started dating him not quite long,
its been six months now and it has been really awesome. He
treats me like egg.
Me: Is he also in OAU?
Moji: Have we spent up to six months here? Of course not.
He is in Canada. He is doing his masters.
Me: Masters?
Moji: Yeah sure.
Me: How old is he?
Moji: He will be 24 this year.
Me: Wow! Dats kul. So how did you meet him?
Moji: (A call came in immediately into Moji’s phone.) That’s
my boyfriend. (whispers pointing at the phone. . She picked
the call and started talking) Hello. . .yeah sure. . . . I’m fine o.
. . . not really. . . (laughing and playing with everything
around with her hands) hope you haven’t missed me too
much. . . I trust you, I’ve missed you too. . . Hope those
white girls are not disturbing you? . . They should not disturb
you o, I’ll kill them ni o. . . . (I was really angry with myself.
“How did everything turn like this? The Moji I know never
makes call when she’s with me. Unless the call is really
important, she doesn’t even pick it. What happened
overnight?” I thought to myself”.
Moji continued the whole conversation, asking foolish
questions from the guy, and laughing hysterically. For the
first time, Moji”s laughter made me angry. After talking for
like ten minutes, Moji finally ended the call. . .
Moji: Sorry about that, he talks with me for so long.
Me: (pretending) It’s alright.

Moji: Let me show you his picture. (She took her phone and
looked for the picture, she finally found it) here he is.
Me: (The guy is so handsome, much more handsome than I
am. He has beards and teddy. The picture background was
dope. The picture quality was superb. He looked just like a
model. I was really jealous.) Wow! He’s so cute. I’m happy
for you
Moji: (Smiling) I’m glad you are.
We had some discussions that I can’t even remember,
because my mind was in Canada already, beating that idiot
called Moji’s boyfriend. We finished the whole discussion
and we went back to our hostels. Moji kept talking and
talking. “She was never a talkative, what came over her”. I
thought to myself. .

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