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Painful Pleasure (Episode 34)

Monday, 25 June 2018

What exactly was Moji doing? Why on earth will she ignore
my invite? The Moji I know will never do such a thing to me.”
I felt so dejected I sat at a spot in the department. As I was
thinking about the whole thing, I just heard a voice. “Sorry
I’m late”. It was Moji. I was really happy to see her. I had
missed her so much. In fact, when I saw her, she appeared
prettier than ever. “What was wrong with me all the while?
How come I’ve not been able to see such a beautiful damsel
for so long? What exactly was covering my eyes?” I thought
to myself.
“Sorry I couldn’t go to class with you today. I felt a bit weak
this morning. It was when I got better that I texted you
because I really want to see you”. Moji said. When I heard
her say that she really wanted to see me, I thought to
myself. “Maybe I’m right after all, maybe she is as attracted
to me as I am to her”. We started the whole conversation
fully. . .

Me: Moji, about Sandra, I think. . .
Moji: (cuts in) No, don’t do that. You don’t need it. That’s the
more reason why we need to talk. We are very close, in fact,
we are like siblings. We talk about everything, but we hardly
talk about our love life. . .
Me: Moji, just listen to me, I can’t afford not to tell you this
now. Sandra isn’t my girl friend. The affair started when I
had issues with church and God. That was when I went to the
bar, got drunk, and before I knew it, I was naked on the bed
with her.
Moji: (Covering her mouth with both hands) You slept with
Me: Not once, not twice, not thrice. I did it several times. She
bought that Samsung phone for me. I’m so tired of the
whole affair. I’ve been trying to tell you but I didn’t have the
courage to. The day I finally summoned courage to tell you,
that was when my mum got sick, and we had to go home. I
tried to tell you the other day too, but Sandra came and
ruined the whole thing. Moji, please get it right, I have
nothing to do with Sandra. She is in my past, and I’m trying
to correct everything. Please all I need is your support.
Moji: (Confused) You had issues with church and God? So
that’s the next thing to do? Sleep with that useless, saucy,
good-for-nothing lady? Dapo, if you love that girl it’s cool.
You don’t have to deny her. She’s your girlfriend.
Me: Moji, believe me. I never liked that girl once. It was just
a mistake. It really wasn’t my will. Moji you’ve always
believed in me. Please believe me this time. Sandra is
nothing but a s--t. I’m sure she has so many guys like that in
her life. She is just a selfish girl that thinks she can get
whatever she wants.

Moji: Hmmmm, I believe you. So what is the way forward?
Me: Thank you. The mistake I made is that I could have
bluntly refused her yesterday. But she is crazy, she can even
hit you. I just had to play along and. . .
Moji: Please spare me all that story. What is the way
Me: I told her I’m done with her yesterday, she told me that I
should pay her back every dime she has spent on me. Else
I’m going no where. Including the money for the phone.
Moji: Wow! That’s serious. You are in serious mess. So, like
how much are we talking about?
Me: The phone is 65,000 Naira, but she said plus everything
she has done for me, she will take a whole of hundred
thousand Naira.
Moji: Hundred thousand Naira? Does she want to buy a
land? Wait Dapo, did you ask for all those things before she
bought it for you?
Me: No, in fact that’s what I told her. She did everything on
her own will. That’s a good point. Maybe I shouldn’t give her
a dime. After all, I didn’t force her to do any of those.
Moji: Dapo, we can’t do that. That girl is capable of doing
anything. Let’s give her whatever she asks for.
Me: Moji, stop saying ‘we’ I put myself in this, I’m going to
come out of it. I can’t afford to disturb you this time. It’s my
mess, let me just clean it.

Moji: How would you say such a thing, didn’t I promise to be
always there for you? You share my brother’s (Younger
cousin’s) name. You are just like my twin brother. We will
pull through all these together. Just relax.
Me: Thank you so much Moji, how will I thank you enough? I
really do appreciate you
Moji: But there’s a problem.
Me: A problem? What’s that?
Moji: I don’t have up to hundred thousand in my account
right now. I don’t have more than 60.
Me: Don’t worry Moji, I will find the rest.
Moji: You and I know that you don’t have that money, and
you don’t have a source through which you can get that
Me: I hate to admit, but I really do not have any means.
Moji: Don’t worry, I’ll just call my boyfriend, maybe I can get
some money from him
Me: Boyfriend?!. . .

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